#WCW Anita Nderu: News anchor/TV Show Panelist/Fashion Blogger/MC

She was first seen on the NTV teen talk show Teen Republic and became a TV sensation instantaneously. Her curve has been on an up and up since then as she has defied many odds to become the star that she currently is.  Anita Nderu is proud to be affiliated to Eldoret as is the Town she was born and raised, for that reason she makes our #WCW this week.  Give it up for, Anita Nderu!!!

Anita Nderu; Radio News Anchor/ TV Panelist/MC/ Motivational Speaker

BH: Tell us a little bit about yourself. – 

Anita:  I am a young East African girl, born and bred in Eldoret who works as a News anchor at 98.4 Capital FM, TV presenter at NTV, Emcee and youth mentor who wants to see the youth in Kenya focus more on working their dreams to fruition than twerking their way to that. I am a fashion enthusiast and global nomad living my days positively and putting 101% effort in all I do.

 BH: You are very eloquent, outspoken and confident too. Have you always been like that or it’s something you grew into maybe because of the environment, school?

 Anita: Just like most things in life I learnt all that over the years thanks to school, reading tones of books, research, watching a lot of constructive TV shows and yes environment.

 BH: You wear many hats. Something of a Superwoman. How do you handle all that? What Inspires you?

Anita: Superwoman? you guys are too kind!  I am inspired rather motivated by the fact that I am not where I have always wanted to be which is on E!. I really don’t know how I do it sometimes but until I get where I want to be I will do what needs to be done.

 BH: Do you like the Fame and all that comes with it? Would it change you or has it?

 Anita:  You lose your privacy, getting used to that invasion takes time. It has not changed me and it never will.

Anita Nderu: Fame has not changed me and it never will.

 BH: Where do you see yourself in five years? 

 Anita: Hopefully working with E! Entertainment and BET.

 BH: What is your day like, say a weekend? 

 Anita: I am probably emceeing an event on a Saturday or mentoring youth at a school then I am home in the evening in bed watching series till I sleep. Sunday is series and sleep day I try as much as possible not to book work on Sundays.

 BH: Do you have an embarrassing moment, what was it? 

 Anita: There are way too many. I am extremely clumsy so I am prone to embarrass myself daily.

 BH: What is the one thing that most people don’t know about you? 

 Anita: I cry easily.

 BH: What’s your feeling on ‘Game of Thrones?’

 Anita: I only started watching it a year ago, I’d describe is as the series where everyone dies.

 BH: If you were a superhero. Who would you be?

 Anita: My mum

 BH: If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing? 

 Anita: Travelling the world and being a mannequin for haute couture designers.

 BH: What Zodiac sign are you, what do you find most interesting about the sign.

 Anita: Aquarius. How diverse in character we are.

Anita Nderu is an Aquarius


iOS or Android?

 Anita: Android

 BH: What is your guilty pleasure? 

 Anita: Junk food

 BH: We have heard some rumors about your love life and we choose to treat them as just that. Be that as it may, what are the three qualities you look for in a man? 

 Anita: Humor, friendship and loyalty.

 BH: Many youth look up to celebrities like you that have worked hard and made it out. What words of advice do you have for them?

 Anita: The internet can be your best friend and your enemy! Watch what you put on there, use it to grow yourself with dignity, learn constructively from it and acquire all the positive knowledge you can to make your dreams work for you. Google can teach you just about anything you need to know. Sieve what you see online. You live in a generation where your talents can be discovered online make use of that resource! Stop waiting for someone to come and hire you! Look up constructive ways to be your own boss and when you make it remember to pay it forward. Lastly do not be afraid to lose friends, in the journey of life you have to lose some to win some.

Anita Nderu. Motivational Speaker

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