#WCW; Laurah Keziah 1st Runners Up Miss Tourism Kenya

This week’s #WCW features the beautiful Miss Tourism Uasin Gishu County and 1st Runner’s up Miss Tourism Kenya, Laura Kezia. Fresh from here successful exploit at the colorful and electric Beauty pageant, we caught up with her, to get her reactions on the finals, learn about her role as Miss Tourism Uasin Gishu country and dig a little into her persona.

Aside from being stunningly beautiful, Laura is smart and eloquent, check out the interview;

Laura Keziah is smart, eloquent and a go getter

BH: Tell us a little about yourself?

Laura: I’m 22 yrs of age a fourth year at Moi University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in communication and journalism.

BH: What did you want to be when you grow up?

Laura: I wanted to be a real estate developer but became interested in communication more that’s why I pursued it, will still deal in real estate though in the near future.

BH: How did you get into modelling?

Laura: It all started in high school at turbo girls high, I’ve always had the passion, it’s something in me that I can’t really explain myself.

BH: What inspires you?

Laura: I get inspired by growth, no matter how little progress you make, it proves you are better than yesterday that’s all that matters, progress in life.

BH: As Miss Tourism Uasin Gishu County, what is expected of you?

Laura: My project as Miss Tourism is for Peace; it was all evident how Uasin Gishu County was greatly affected by the post-election violence. I will speak to the youth in every sub-county; enlighten them on the importance of peace and living in tranquillity because no progress can be made without peace in place. The youth are the most vulnerable so they are my target audience.

BH: Congratulations on emerging Miss Tourism Kenya 1st Runners up, how was the whole experience?

Laura: Thank you, the experience was great, I learnt a lot it’s more than just winning…it’s about acquiring life skills that you will carry through your entire life….it was tough though all the other ladies were exceptionally intelligent, making one to work harder, I thank God, though.

Laura Keziah: I’m a good cook.

BH: What do you think you could do differently to be crowed the winner?

Laura: Frankly I do not think I would have done anything more or better. I offered the very best and I’m contented.

BH: Many may be of the opinion that the county government did not offer much support to your campaign, are you of the same opinion?

Laura: The county government offered me total support, and they did facilitate everything for me, and I’m very grateful to my county government so I do not agree with what you are saying.

BH: What are your immediate future plans?

Laura: Make sure I fulfill my projects as Miss Tourism as expected, graduate from school and the rest I leave to God. Taking it one step at a time.

BH: Aside from modelling what else do you do?

Laura: Aside from modelling, I am a participant at the right to participate exchange program; it’s a partnership between a Norwegian NGO and Youth Alive Kenya that deals in youth empowerment.

BH: How do you spend your weekends?

Laura: Going on road trips or watching movies.

BH: What is the one thing that most people don’t know about you, but, you wish they did?

Laura: I’m a good cook.

BH: What is your most embarrassing moment?

I fell at the CBD, right I front of the people

Laura Keziah Loves going on road trips or watching movies.

BH: People would like to know your relationship status, are you currently dating or single?

Laura: Dating

BH: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Laura: Re-gifting

BH: iOs or Android?

Laura: Android

BH: What are your views on Game of Thrones?

Laura: Honestly I’ve never watched it, so I don’t know

BH: What do you love about Eldoret?

Laura: Its growth in terms of economic development, its livelihood, amicable residents, great recreational areas like Naiberi, Kolol, Elgarini, the list is endless

BH: There are few tourist attractions within Uasin Gishu, What do you think can be done to improve the sector?

Laura: I do not agree with you on that. There are many untapped tourist attractions sites in Uasin Gishu we have Kaptebei Hills in Turbo that is very suitable for rock climbing, Turbo forest that has indigenous bird species, Koromosho falls, the Sitatunga animal at Kesses dam, sports tourism and much more…What I think should be done by the county government is to build structures like a nice hotel near Kesses dam, Turbo forest that even as people come to explore they also have a place to relax. Also, Koromosho falls is in the interior; a good road will make it more accessible. If the infrastructure is improved in these areas and marketed more then, Uasin Gishu will have lots of tourists both domestic and foreign.

Laura Keziah: I’ve never watched Game of Thrones

BH: Your parting shots…

Laura: Uasin Gishu County is truly blessed we are the 1st county to have a deputy president with this devolution system of government H.E Hon William Ruto, We have great able leaders that work tirelessly, My Governor H.E Hon Jackson Kiplagat Arap Mandago…. Uasin Gishu’s cultural diversity is so overwhelming, we are a beautiful county. God bless Uasin Gishu…God Bless Kenya!

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