#WCW; Founder and CEO of The Young Clover Media, Ivy Kimtai

We are excited to present to you this week’s #WCW, Ivy Kimtai. She is the Founder and CEO of The Young Clover Media which is a company that tasks itself with empowering the youth particularly in the field of Arts and Culture within Eldoret Town.

Ivy has been undertaking this venture for quite some time now. Find out a little more about her and about how you can get in touch with her company, The Young Clover Media.

Ivy Kimtai: an arts and culture enthusiast, a very ambitious woman

Ivy Kimtai: an arts and culture enthusiast, a very ambitious woman

B.H:  Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

IVY: Well, I am Ivy Kimtai  an arts and culture enthusiast, a very ambitious woman. I am a go-getter and sometimes you will find me too positive about things that it might annoy you. I am a leader and I am all about community transformation through the arts.

I also consider myself a feminist but a liberal one (not the kind that hates men) It would be crazy not to be on my own side right? I am of the belief that as women struggle to “do what men can do” they should not forget to do the things that are unique to themselves as women.

I am in the Arts and Culture Industry. I am the founder of The Young Clover Media, a community based organization that runs several projects.


We have had three workshops in Eldoret that have targeted students doing media related courses to provide them with relevant skills that will make the market and employment ready. So far, we have had three workshops at Mount Kenya University, we are looking at expanding the target audience , we will keep you updated . We seek to bring opportunities to Eldoret that are essentially only found in Nairobi. [adrotate banner=”5″]


This edition is aimed at young girls in secondary and primary schools, to mentor them and to ensure that they transform gracefully from girls to women as well as other exciting women projects and events. We are living in the days of “Project X” and we simply want to protect our girls and to make sure that they can make informed choices on matters related to sex, relationships and education when faced with tough decision. And hey, an empowered woman should empower other women and that is what I am up to.

We are enrolling the next exciting phase of this edition, you shall be hearing about it soon. What makes our project is that we are all about the arts, and not just the boring talks we have interesting art projects during our mentor-ship programs and events.


This is our newest project. We are all about promoting the arts and culture industry in Kenya, to steer ourselves to be a creative economy that we should be with regards to our rich culture as a country. Gone are the days when the arts were for “jokers” and idlers. Being an artpreneur is the real shit now, a creative venture can put food on your table and we provide a platform to tell your artpreneurial story, encourage you by featuring other artpreneurs and generally give you a presence and a voice.

Ivy Kimtai; I AM WOMAN

Ivy Kimtai; I AM WOMAN

B.H: Where do you see yourself in five years?

IVY: I see having pioneered the first ARTS AND CULTURAL CENTER in Eldoret. A center that will provide resources, work space, office space, art incubation facilities and skills centers to visual artists and creative entrepreneurs in Eldoret

B.H: What is your day like, say a weekend?

IVY: My work involves a lot during the weekends, events and workshops but on those that I am free, someone will have to drag me out of bed, I am buried in a book, snacking and in pajamas all day, I love taking screen-shots of awesome memes too hehehe

B.H: Do you have an embarrassing moment, What was it? 

IVY: Embarrassing moment must be back high school, I used to sleep a lot in class and my mouth would be open… I don’t know why 🙁 a teacher put a chalk in my mouth and I ate it in my sleep

B.H: What is the one thing that most people don’t know about you?

IVY: Eeerm people don’t know that I hardly know enough math.


B.H: What’s your feeling on ‘The Game of Thrones’? 

IVY: Game of Thrones? Who is Game of Thrones lol

Ivy Kimtai; Before I reach 40 I just want to know how to ride a damn bike!!

Ivy Kimtai; Before I reach 40 I just want to know how to ride a damn bike!!

B.H: What Zodiac Sign are you, what do you find most interesting about this Sign.  

IVY: I am a cancer. Well, whats interesting about my star is that I am sensitive and soft in the inside but I always put a tough front. Like a crab

B.H: iPhone or Samsung?

IVY: Samsung

B.H: What is your guilty pleasure?

IVY: My guilty pleasure Hehe I wouldn’t want anyone to know that …

B.H: Give me three qualities of the Ideal Man for you. 

IVY: My ideal man, I don’t have a list, my ideal man will just have to give me some good vibes, am all about insane chemistry and conversation. Just don’t be short or dumb

B.H: What do you like most about Eldoret Town.

IVY: I like my town because everybody knows everybody or knows someone that knows the other person.

Ivy Kimtai: My parting shot: Be your own cheerleader first

Ivy Kimtai: My parting shot: Be your own cheerleader first

B.H: Before you Hit 40 years, what is that one thing you’d like to Learn or do, the 1 person you’d like to meet, and the one place you’d like to visit.

IVY: Before I reach 40 I just want to know how to ride a damn bike!!

I want to meet Chimamanda author of “Half a Yellow Sun”, “Why we should all be feminists”

I want to go to the Maldives

B.H: What are your parting shots.

IVY: My parting shot: Be your own cheerleader first

Ivy Kimtai Bottom right.

Ivy Kimtai Bottom right.


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