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EXCLUSIVE: Vanessa Chettle Sets The Record Straight On Nudes, Sponsors, Her Music And Love For Eldoret

Vanessa Cheruto Alias Vanessa Chettle speaks to her Eldoret Fans. Addresses issues about her Nudes Leaking. Her relationship with an older White man, her Music and her future plans.

We have an exclusive for you this time with one of Eldoret’s most famous faces. Vanessa Chettle. This drop dead bundle of gorgeousness agreed to grace us with an exclusive and all candid interview.  A little history on Vanessa is that she is Eldoret born and bred but later moved on to Nairobi. Her journey to fame has been one with a fair share of bumps and bruises as she has had to confront all sorts of demons in the form of rumors and rogue allegations. Bloggers have had their shot at her but she decided to speak with Eldoret Leo to set the record straight. Enters Vanessa Chettle.

Vanessa Chettle.

Vanessa Chettle has seized her glory and risen to become Kenya’s Top Lingerie Model


B.H:  You are no stranger to rumors, the last time your name went viral on social media was about some supposedly leaked nudes. I searched the internet didn’t see one. Did you manage to get that situation under control?

Vanessa: Yeah, it took sometime though I think they were removed because I was ready to use law enforcement on the blogs because it was somewhat slander.

Especially the photographer who took & leaked them. And they knew that if they (blogs) and media houses kept putting them up they would be indeed guilty.


BH:  Your relationship with older ‘Mzungu boyfriend’ was in the public domain. How are you fairing on after that relationship ending? Experiencing any backlash?

Vanessa: Not really. I mean no one apart from me knows why I was in the relationship. And people speculated I’m a gold digger and him a user blah, blah, blah but in real sense we were happy while it lasted and I don’t date young guys it’s not my thing. That simple


BH: On the same breath, Jacob Juma’s demise brought to light his alleged relations with one Cheryl Kitonga. You were in a relationship with an older man. Some call them sponsors. What’s your take on this type of relationship?

Vanessa: I’m not big on politics and stories so I don’t know much about the Jacob Juma thing but I must say this sponsor thing be sad.  I mean it’s one thing that girls used to have sugar daddies as they were called in campo but now it’s a hustle, a job.  Girls make it a goal to get a guy to buy them a house and a car so they can just floss on social media when instead we should be studying and working for our own. I have always believed in INDEPENDENCE whether I’m dating the richest guy in town or not… Girls gotta hustle for they own.

Vanessa Cheruto selfie.

Vanessa Cheruto “I didn’t ask for fame but I have it now”



BH: There has been mountains of rumors and actually your fame is a product of those allegations; what do you think about that?

Vanessa: All I can say is I must be doing something right to have them talking so much . And you know when the hate stop working they start telling lies. I didn’t ask for the fame but I have it now I might as well deal with the ups and downs


BH: There’s lots of double standards when it comes to dating. When a guy is seen with many women he’s a hero and when a girl dates a few men she’s a whore. What’s your take on that.

Vanessa: Well it depends. Not every guy you’re seen with you’re dating and not every guy you go out on a date you have slept with… I think people should be free to see who ever and how ever many people they like.

BH: Let’s come back to Eldoret business. Now Huddah was in Eldoret the other day. And Hosted a party at a Popular Joint (no free press) you had a few words to say about that. Have you ever thought of hosting a party in Eldoret and if yes why haven’t you?

Vanessa: Well I was and still am pretty disappointed about that.  I throw amazing parties and it’s sad that eldy has never gotten to experience that and who’s really to blame?? Well not me. However, plans are underway when I find the right gig it’ll be the BEST PARTY EXPERIENCE in E-town.


BH: You are a Socialite, Party host and MC. Do these jobs pay? Do they pay well enough to sustain your lifestyle?

Vanessa: Well you get paid according to your worth and what you bring to the table. That’s why I try to perfect as many arts as possible from event organizing to Mc to performing artist to just appearances. And so with this versatility how can you miss at least one thing to do and get paid well. And also I’m still growing maybe I’ll take up deejaying or acting next, you never know.


BH: As a public figure a lot of girls want to be rich famous popular with the boys like you. What word of advice would you give them based on your experiences?

Vanessa: Well for the girls I always tell them to have a backup and make the glitz and glam an extra, you get? Like set your foundation on knowledge so that even if the roof is controversy and fame, you know you got your brains to rely on.

Vanessa Cheruto: Have a backup and make the glitz and glam an extra

Vanessa Cheruto: Have a backup and make the glitz and glam an extra

BH: You took a dive into music. I’ve heard your song,  ‘I hate’ I like  (Reals Fans will understand). Anyway how was the reception? Do you plan to keep doing music?

Vanessa: Well have you heard “don’t know” yet?  My music is all about real life experiences and things others can relate to. So definitely with more living will come more writing and with more writing will come more music


BH: Lastly, you hail from Eldoret. Do you think you will ever come back and maybe settle here?

Vanessa: Actually that’s my plan one day, to invest back home. To build back home and eventually split my time between here and home. You know what they say, East or West HOME is BEST.

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