VALMY BROOKE: Life as a Youtube Content Creator, Perks, Challenges, and Other Opportunities

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Eldoret based digital content creator Valmy Brooke

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‘Content creator’, ‘Youtube-r’ or perhaps ‘Influencer’ is an increasingly popular career choice in 2022 and into the fairly young 2023. Nairobi being at the forefront, creators are now leaving employment to focus on digital content creation. Admittedly, the venture is thriving.

According to the Media Council of Kenya’s recent tweet, the digital space is where the majority of Kenyans get information from hence where the market is. True to it, as evidenced by the latest state of the media report, the rate of social media content consumption stood at 18%. The council’s Chief Executive Officer, David Omwoyo even goes ahead to urge content creators to embrace the switch to digital media to increase audience reach.

On the contrary though, the same can’t be said for Eldoret just yet. The potential is however starting to show.

Valmy Brooke, a digital content creator as well as a brand influencer based in Eldoret.

With that said, what then does the experience look like from a full-on YouTube content creator here in Eldoret? For this piece, we chat with Valmy Brooke, a digital content creator (and personal fav!) as well as a brand influencer based in Eldoret. Valmy started creating knowingly or unknowingly and has been in the space for years. She does content around beauty, fashion as well as lifestyle.

Here is what to expect as a creator and influencer in Eldoret’s digital space.

How did you grow interest in the space/ What is your experience as a content creator

I started as a YouTube content creator a few years ago, it wasn’t a thing back then even. Did it for fun for the most part because I enjoyed documenting my little sister when she joined kindergarten, I would upload the footage to my Youtube channel so that I can watch it back whenever I miss her too much when she was in school coz my phone didn’t have enough storage, lol!! For some reason, people seemed to enjoy it, and by people I mean my 30 subscribers on Youtube.

That’s how I started doing lifestyle content, music followed when I started doing music covers online, got a few gigs, and thereafter my love for fashion followed

Valmy’s Youtube Channel and feed

What does a full day for you as a content creator look like

It is full of virtual meetings, pitching, responding to emails, shooting, and writing reports.

How would you describe the content creation space in Eldoret? How is influencer business here?

I would say it is coming along fine, it’s gaining traction. Not there yet, businesses don’t quite seem to understand what it is and how it works but we keep creating awareness slowly by slowly with the businesses that reach out or are willing to get into it and I surely would say that it has gotten so much better over the years.

In your opinion, what does it take to be successful in this particular role?

Just like any other job/business/role, to be successful you’ll need to stay consistent and disciplined. Although I wouldn’t lie, the zeal can go down considering it is a new but very promising tool in the business and corporate space. But you just have to keep going and just focus on the goal.

How can you describe the audience in Eldoret in terms of content consumption?

I honestly cannot put the Eldoret Audience in a box for any specific type of content, to each their own. People follow different creators for different interests. So it’s an array of things.

Please share with us your greatest achievement so far as a Youtube content creator and influencer

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with both local and international brands; in the forefront and behind the concepts as well. Also, I’ve worked with most of them, if not all more than once, so I believe I must have been doing a good job. I’m looking forward to more deals this year too, God willing.

Valmy Brooke’s Instagram feed

What is the biggest challenge you’ve encountered so far? And perhaps other challenges on the way

The biggest challenge for influencers/content creators overall here I’d say is being overused and underpaid or not paid at all in the name of being given PR or exposure. Bagging deals can be really hard too. Also unrealistic expectations in terms of sales which is not the job of the creator to be the salesperson of the brand/business. Their job description leads to that but it is entirely different from that, and we are slowly fixing that.

How do you stay motivated at it?

What keeps me motivated would be the reason why I started and how far I’ve come doing what I do together with the growth too. The positive feedback I get from people I’ve worked with; the positivity I get from my family online, the people I inspire, and the joy I bring to others (seeing those love heart emojis spark when I post a silly video, those laughing crying emojis when I do something funny, the clap emojis when I share something informative or do an honest review) keeps me going…

Let’s talk monetization, how does it work? How do you personally get brands to work with you?

When it comes to monetization you just have to be as professional as you can be when it comes to pitching and your overall presentation. As a Youtube-r and content creator, you know what you bring to the table, what you have to offer, how much work you put into it, and how it’s going to be beneficial to the business. So, pitch well, make sure your client understands and sees the picture, and do not be afraid to bid the rates that you deserve.

Which platforms are good in terms of returns? What content sells most?

Creators should be conversant with most if not all social platforms. But when it comes to returns it will now entirely depend on what the client wants, where they are comfortable, and where they want their traction to majorly be on.

Which are some of the opportunities available for content creators going into the future?

The consumption of content and influence from YouTube content creator-s has been incredible. It has skyrocketed even more after Covid. Everything is digital now and content creation is by far the most effective mode of marketing. It offers innovative, creative, and fun ways of passing a message and selling products/services while being authentic and relatable to the consumers.

What more could both a brand/business and a customer want? It’s safe to say that the future is surely bright for content creators/influencers.

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