Valmy Brooke: The Karaoke Queen Blowing Up Eldoret Music Industry

Valmy Brooke
Girl on fire: Valmy Brooke has the flair for singing and is gunning for glory

She’s beautiful, she’s sassy, and a little badassy… Valmy Brooke is making her name in the Eldoret entertainment industry and is on a mission to bring the whole underground talents with her to the top.

The singer, YouTuber and influential karaoke host fills up Club Signature every Tuesday with a lot of karaoke enthusiasts, fans, and musical acts looking to use the platform to get their career going. We caught up with her to learn more about her journey and future plans.

Meet Valmy:

Tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Valmy Brooke, I am 22years old, I grew up here in Eldoret most of my life, and I’m super passionate about music. I like to believe that Music is what I was born to do.

When did you get into music?
I’ve been singing since I was very young. When I was around six years old, I used to sing Christmas carols in church, and I remember also my grandma used to insist that I sing for her guests haha! That wonderful woman believed in me so much and saw in me what I couldn’t realize then; I’m so grateful for it now that I am fully grown.

So, you’ve been singing all this while, what drives you? 
Music is the only language that everybody can understand. Let’s call it a unifying factor. Everybody gets it. Believe me, music is my fix, it’s my hiding place, my refuge, and my friend. It fits every situation I experience.

“I’ve been singing since I was a kid. I’m doing it professionally now” – Valmy Brooke

What are your favorite genres
I sing every genre considering my mood, and my alter ego on the day.

Most of your performances are cover songs. Do you have an original record?
An original? not yet, but in working on it, you’ll hear about it real soon.

Talking about covers which is your favorite?
OMG!!! Elle King’s Ex’s & Oh’s is my current favorite. I just put it up on my youtube channel you should check it out.

Who are your musical influences?
Rihanna and Vanessa Mdee. I like their style, stage presence and the ability to sing anything.

While she’s dominating the Karaoke scene, she isn’t planning on just settling in

You recently got a karaoke gig at club signature, how exciting is that?
It is terrific; I get to hear fantastic talent every week, the audience is epic, people are always having fun. Others sing for the love of music. It’s usually a party every Tuesday; I can assure you that. It’s amazing!!!

What’s it like being the host? Do you have to prepare a different theme every Tuesday or freestyle
It’s great hosting. You know, you can give people a platform to perform especially upcoming artists. I usually have one or two come around each week to help them get their music out there and to also boost their confidence before an audience. While I prepare, I don’t determine a theme for the night because people are different, so I let them sing their hearts out on any song they like.

What do you make of the Eldoret music scene
Our music scene is so ignored, and it’s pitiful that it’s like that because Eldoret has impressive talent. I get goosebumps myself when I hear these people sing; I jam to their party song.I even catch a line or an entire chorus when the rappers burst their rhymes…something needs to be done. The industry should be skyrocketing by now. These talents should not be wasted any longer… it’s disappointing!

“It’s about time someone gave a platform for upcoming artists” – Valmy Brooke

What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened on karaoke nights
Sweet Jesus! So there’s this one time a talented friend was in town, so I invited him to be the last act of the night. Since he was my guest, I bought a bottle of whiskey as he waited to close the show. When his time came to perform, he got a rousing reception especially when he confessed on the mic that he has had a crush on me for the longest time and thus, he was doing a special performance dedicated to me. He performed one of Diamond Platinumz songs.

As everyone was jamming and singing along, he called me up for a dance; then, he bent me over!!! I didn’t see it coming so I kinda panicked. I guess he noticed that I was shocked, so we just played it off like it was no big deal.

Regardless of the fact that he put on a fantastic performance overall, that experience it was so crazy. I was still perturbed that he bent me over on stage. We still laugh about it though…

Wow! That’s quite the experience. So, how supportive are your family with regards to your pursuit of a musical career
OMG!!! they are very supportive!! My dad drives me to work sometimes, he even comes to see me some Tuesdays. Shocking right? I love my folks to death.

Apart from music what else do you do?
I dance salsa, and I also love trying out recipes.

What are your plans for the near future
Writing a lot of music, have more sessions at the studio, and hosting more music-related events

So mainly you see yourself taking up music as a career
Most definitely. yeeeessss!!!

You can catch Valmy Brooke every Tuesday for the Karaoke and Salsa night at Club Signature.



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