Username Investment Limited Makes Land Ownership Easy

As a Kenyan, landownership is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and one of the meaningful ones too. You may need to save for a long time and put in a lot of sweat and tears before finally being able to purchase that piece of property you’ve always dreamed about.

This process is never without hiccups, along the way you will encounter numerous challenges. One of the major ones may not even be getting the money to purchase a piece of property, getting a reliable property dealer is one that posses even greater risk.

Thus, getting a reliable real estate agent is one of the most important things to consider before purchasing land. The reason is because these agents will guide you through the legal, surveys and all other aspects of land ownership.

Finding such dealers may be hard as the field is marred with a lot of cons and smooth talkers that don’t deliver going by the number of stories coming up in the news day in day out. There are some that have proven track record in being able to give value to customers. So far one of the best real estate agents that operate in the Rift Valley region and in Kenya is Username Investment Ltd.

Username Investment Ltd is one of Kenya’s leading property agents and has been in the land business for ages, so far it has issued over 8000 titles deeds.

Username Investment Ltd

Why choose Username Investment Limited
Property prices are very low and they range from Kshs. 199,000 upwards. The quoted prices are always inclusive of all other charges such as title processing fees, legal fees and many others. No hidden charges are communicated after.

As for the paperwork, all of it is done on your behalf and title deeds are delivered within 6 – 12 months upon completion of payment.

When it comes to payment Username Investment Limited accommodates flexible instalment payment plan of up to 12 months which encourages more people to purchase property if they don’t have the lump sum.

All the property sold under Username Investment Limited are value-added. Perimeter fences, estate gates , access roads graded, water / borehole and electricity are pre-installed making the property ready for immediate development.

Springfield – Nakuru Phase IV

Currently Username Investment Limited, has a prime project along Nakuru – Eldoret highway dubbed Springfield – Nakuru Phase IV.

The residential plots in Nakuru are located only 20 minutes’ drive from Nakuru Town and 2 hrs from Eldoret. The land comes at an affordable price of Ksh 599,000 for an eighth acre plot with an available instalment payment plan of up to 12 months.

Username Investment Limited has an established office in Nakuru Town at Assumption Centre 4 th Floor, and are offering free site visits to the project.

To invest; SMS “NAKURU” to 20321 or Call 0725 000 222

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