User Experience: Nyota Ride Really Works

A few years ago I wrote about the taxi hailing app Nyota Ride, and like it is with a lot of tech under development the app and the business fell into some tough times and ended up not taking off as expected. But as the saying goes, if you fall once try again. Nyota Ride is doing just that and the takeoff seems promising.

But as the saying goes, if you fall once try again. Nyota Ride is doing just that and the takeoff seems promising.

This past weekend I got to enjoy the ‘Star’ experience aboard a Nyota Ride. I encountered Nyota Rides in the past so as soon as I heard about their relaunch I downloaded the updated app easily and waited for the opportune time to give it a try.  

I was out and about this past weekend and so I decided to hail a cab using the app. I turned on the app and to my surprise I noticed about 6 cabs online and ready to board. I also noticed that the estimated cost was fairly low as compared to what I would be charged normally.

I requested a ride from the vehicle nearest to me which was going to take approximately ten minutes, after two minutes the driver of the said ride called to confirm the request and told me that they would arrive in 6 minutes and true to his word, he got there in 6.

When the driver got to where I was, they called again to let me know that they had arrived. I was ready to go so it took me less than a minute to get to the car.

Now, I didn’t notice a waiting charge feature on the app which I think maybe good for the Nyota rider but on the other hand disadvantageous for a Nyota driver.  

My ride was from Relax Inn all the way to Action estate which took me about 20 minutes give or take. The total cost was 390 shillings and after deducting the first time rider discount of 100 shillings I ended up paying 290 shillings.

You will realize the cost is significantly lower than a normal cab, this is because a normal cab would break down the cost in this way: Relax Inn – Town 300 shillings then from Town – Action 250 shillings. The total would be 550 shillings, I think I got some good value for money.

Another important feature that I didn’t notice on the app is a customer feedback interface, I think this is a very important feature which will be useful for rating and making recommendations for riders. I hope this addition will be made soon.


All in all I enjoyed the ride, the driver was pleasant, the vehicle was fairly new and clean which meant I didn’t have to worry about the car breaking down for any reason. We didn’t stop over for fuel which was good, I got a free bottle of water branded Nyota Ride and a 100 shillings discount. While I can’t promise the same for every ride I sure hope that what I experienced is the standard.

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