Top 5 Rising Djs Of The Year 2018

These young and rising stars have made big moves in 2018 and are on the verge of a breakthrough into the “mainstream” clubbing scene in Eldoret and beyond.

Usually, these sorts of articles are published at the end of the year but, if you have been reading Eldoret Leo then you know we don’t follow scripts. Besides, we are crossing over to the last quarter of 2018 and the window to make a statement is quickly closing.

Entertainment makes the world go round and even though the Eldoret club scene has been dynamic for the past few years, we seem to be running circles around Fashion shows and bubbling challenge, but amidst the whirlpool, five exciting and hard-grafters are on the come up. They are revitalizing the clubbing scene in Eldoret and are duly winning justified recognition.

In no particular order, here are the 5 DJs on the rise:

DJ Cross

Real Name:  Simon Kumba 
Stage Name: DJ Cross “The Phenomenal” 

Born and bred in Eldoret, DJ Cross rose from the ranks of Mwafrika sounds to become a professional corporate, events and club DJ. He is nicknamed “The phenomenal” due to his perfect blend across different genres including Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Ol’skool rap, and RnB. While growing up, DJ cross used to listen to mixes from local and international DJs, and that was his source of inspiration.

My interest in DJing started at 14 years while listening to top Kenyan DJs particularly DJ Kaytrixx. I also heard a lot of international DJs and learned to replicate their sound in my unique style

Dj Cross distinct sound and style has seen him perform at big venues like Mocha Club Kisii, S- lounge relax-inn and club signature in Eldoret. Regionally, the phenomenal has graced stages in Rwanda and Uganda. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram


Real Name: Mwangi Macharia
Stage Name: DJ M “The Finest”

DJ M’s star has been rising faster than you can say -kat-kat! Just a year ago, he was working as a bouncer at Eclipse Tavern where he registered his interest in DJing. Fast forward to today, DJ M is now a recognized name in the DJ booth and has bomb-ass merchandize – how about that for a come up?  

My career began as a bouncer, it hasn’t been easy for me but, self-believe and strength has made me evolve. I love getting lost in music and the happy feelings it stirs up in my chest. I also like it when it has a beat that commands my feet to start moving.

Dj M has played in a couple of clubs in Eldoret including Club Desire and Eclipse Tavern and has also featured in campus events. Sample his music on Mixcloud, Soundcloud or Vimeo.

DJ Zuu

Real Name: Faith Magati
Stage Name: DJ Zuu

In a male-dominated industry, female DJs are always a sensation. Successful female DJs are known to have tremendous confidence, energy, and charisma – DJ Zuu is packing all that, with extra sauce. She is undoubtedly the fastest rising female DJ in Eldoret. Honing her skills at Swag sounds Eldoret, DJ Zuu has headlined in top campus gigs, wedding events, activations and played severally at Club Tilja. 

Since I stopped telling people about my goals, I have managed to fail without anyone knowing and tried again without any prejudice. I had no choice but to boss up and create my lane. 

DJ Zuu particularly impressed during the Safaricom Twaweza Eldoret edition. When she is not wearing the DJ cape, Faith Magati is a scientist working as a parasitologist. Link up with her on Instagram

DJ Bigben

Real Name: Benedict Bor
Stage Name: DJ BigBen

Drawing his inspiration from DJ Tibz, Dj Kaytrixx, and Gibbz Tha Daqchild, Benedict Bor walked in at the Swagsound DJ Academy with a passion and a dream of one day joining the ranks of his role models. A year later after working hard to hone his skills and learning the trade, the now christened DJ BigBen is staking his claim in the clubbing scene in Eldoret and has already had successful shows at Club Princess Bungoma, Club Desire and Club Tilja in Eldoret.

What inspired me to get into the game is for the love of music. I have always wanted to be a Dj, and I have a dream to one day represent my hometown at the biggest stages in the world.  

Dj BigBen is currently a resident DJ at Club Sting, Eldoret. You can connect with him and sample his mixes on his Telegram channel.

DJ Vortex

Real Name: Kevin Tetenga
Stage name: DJ Vortex 

It’s close to impossible not to have heard this name. DJ Vortex 254 has had great success on mainstream media having made on leading TV shows like The Bounce y254, Mahanjam on KBC and Kass TV. For a guy who has goals of being a media DJ, he is undoubtedly on the right path.

I started in 2016 at academy. I have been a resident Dj at Club 24, Club Nomads and Club Tilja. Currently I’m playing at Club Desire. My ambition is to become a media DJ

In addition to his wealth of experience, DJ Vortex also runs a DJ academy under his Vortex Entertainment limited company. Check out his mixes on Mixcloud.

It’s safe to say that the talented DJs featured above are well on the right path to achieve their goals and ambitions. All our previous features: read: Hottest DJs in Eldoret 2016 and top rising DJ 2017 have had great success in their careers. We wish the same for this lot.

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