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Tipsy Liquors The New Alcohol Delivery Service In Eldoret


Drinkcember is finally upon us and you know what is bliss for every one planning to indulge? Bliss is having your booze come to you without having to move a muscle.  Especially with this darn weather😪. I’ve said this before. These are good times to be living in  Eldoret.  First came the taxi hailing apps. Then came Leta Food the app that delivers food to your doorstep at an affordable fee. And now we have Tipsy Liquors, a service that brings your liquor to you at no charge whatsoever!!!!!

All About Tipsy Liquors

Tipsy Liquors is the brainchild of two close partners. It was launched on November 1st 2019. Within the short period it has been in operation, it has managed to become more popular than any other alcohol delivery service in E-Town. Their popularity can be attributed to several factors.

First is the fact that the liquor store has tonnes of varieties. They are very much committed to stocking up each and every alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink brand. So whatever your poison, you can rest assured you will find it at Tipsy Liquors.

The fact that they sell genuine products is the second reason they are so popular. There are a lot of counterfeits floating around in the market. Some have dire effects. As I interviewed one of the co-founders of Tipsy Liquors, he assured me they go to great lengths to ensure they get original products because compromising on quality for profit is not something they would ever consider.

The third reason for their popularity is their favorable prices and numerous offers.

For starters you get Ksh 100 off on your first order. You also get a free mixer for any mzinga purchase. Additionally, Tipsy Liquors give weekly offers of upto 50% discount on selected drinks. All these on top of the fact that delivery is absolutely free.

How To Order A Drink From Tipsy Liquors, The New Alcohol Delivery Service In Eldoret

Ordering a drink from Tipsy Liquors is so easy. You have two options. You can either dial a drink or shop on their website.

To dial a drink, simply call the number 0710701707. You can then ask for the price of whatever you want to purchase. Alternatively if you aren’t sure of what you want, you can request to have their price list sent to you.  It should look somewhat like this.

You can pay via mpesa through their till number which is 370178 or using cash. In case you are a little skeptical, you can pay on delivery but having used the service myself I can assure you even if you do pay while placing your order, you will still get your drink.

The other alternative is ordering directly from their website.  Go to http://www.tipsyliquors.co.ke/.This should be the interface you see.

From there you can select what category of alcohol you want. Be it whisky, vodka, gin, liqueur, beer, rum, champagne, brandy, wine, or tequila.

You can also browse through the featured drinks segment where you will see all drinks on sale at that particular time.  Once you’ve figured out what you are buying, simply add to cart, add an address, check out and wait for your drink to be delivered to your doorstep💃.

Good times to be living in Eldoret😂😅😂.

Stephanie Maiyo

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  1. Good work going out of your way to inform the masses.

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