#ThursdayMusings: #ATribeCalledKenya

The panel at #ATribeCalledKenya forum in Moi University
#ATribeCalledKenya initiative works towards Enhancing peace and togetherness

It is not rocket science that Kenya is a healing nation, We’ve had our own share of painful ethnicity wars, And each passing day we still are at war to win over the tribal obsession in the country. This is the reason Konrad Adenauer Sttiftung(foundation) in conjunction with Inuka, And Kenya National Debate Council have come up with an Initiative called #ATribeCalledKenya.

The Initiative

#ATribeCalledKenya intends to open a door to peace, national cohesion, and undivided country. The initiative works towards enhancing peace and togetherness. The pilot project incorporates debates in schools as a main tool to push the initiative to a success. With this, The Organizers targeted the areas worst hit by the post election violence, and the pilot project was in Moi University, they are also targeting Maseno University and Technical University Of Mombasa.

Debating in this case gives students a platform to be thorough and thoughtful when Ethnicity matters are concerned

Debating gives students a platform to air their various views and opinions towards the same. Debating in this case gives students a platform to be thorough and thoughtful when ethnicity matters are concerned. There are some skills gained by the students from the debates, they include; listening skills, conversational skills, research, good argumentative skills and team work. It therefore promotes peace and national cohesion in the long run.

The debating teams are gender sensitive and ascertain that both ladies and men are incorporated in a team of 5 including; Each team has government and the opposing side. The program also ascertains that multiple tribes are represented this then ensures and reminds the students that they can agree on important things despite their tribe, this also ascertains that these teams differ on points that matter. These debates help them delve deep on things that matter most to the country hence fostering cohesion.

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The Competition

The teams go head to head to battle it out NOT with Machètes but with words. The debates give them a platform for the battle of wits, They go at it until the best takes it home. The whole experience is eye opening, interesting and informative, it leaves students asking for more. Under the trees, in different rooms and halls, the debates went on and on and on. The winners (the team)each gets an award with their name on it, and all participants go home with certificates.

Pushing The Agenda.

You can do the same by following and pushing through with the #ATribeCalledKenya

You can do the same by following and pushing through with the #ATribeCalledKenya
#ATribeCalledKenya uses social Media mobilization (Facebook and Twitter)with the said hash tags. They use pictures and videos to push the agenda for the same.

I Joanne Belongs to #ATribeCalledKenya.

Which tribe do you belong to?


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