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Thursday Musings ; The Girl On The Bus

The girl on the seat next to me, she seems so lost in thought, maybe it’s the music she is listening to, her white earphones are stuck to her ear like her their functionality depend on it; of course it does, I can tell because now and then she reaches out to firmly fix them to her ear.

I have nothing to do and since I am also trying to cut on social media, I have no other option than to try and get into her mind and her life with nothing more than that which meets the eye…



I woke up early today, I am not sure why and considering that I have nowhere to go, my classes are off until next week when the god forsaken exams start. I know I need to study but obviously that is not what I am waking up for; it’s not a matter of life and death! Besides I am going to sit next to Faith. Everyone knows that faith is the ‘It’ girl in class and ‘It’ in this case does not in any sense mean book smart, but she is smart alright. Her ability to write ‘mwaks’ for all the questions that will come in the papers is unbelievable; you might as well say she has all the notes in her possession for all the papers. Sitting next to her during an exam is something we all want; she is that popular girl in the exam room. Only her best friend has an automatic and undisputed spot next to her desk, everyone else has to scramble to at least sit around her so that they can all get an easy ‘read-ride’ in the exam room. Well, it is enough to say that she is an asset in an exam room. I am Faith’s best friend, so ask me again why exams do not scare me!


Now that I am up early and the bed no longer serves as a haven I better get up and clean my house, for the past week it has been a mess, maybe it’s because I have been on a thinking spree that has destabilized me for the past two days. Besides I need to prepare breakfast today, I promised my neighbor that today being her birthday I am going to prepare her my most desired and delicious pancakes, hhmmm’ what would people do without me?



At around 10.AM the call comes through, and for a moment it’s like I have been held to the ground and my feet can’t move, neither can the hand holding the phone.  It is the caller ID, well, more of the person who is calling; his name has that effect on me. He makes me freeze, well and the butterflies that people say too, I feel them but I know I shouldn’t.

He is the reason for my messy room, in more ways than the obvious, he got into my mind claws deep and refused to leave and when I thought he finally did, here he comes again! Sigh*

The question now is to pick or not to pick, but apparently it’s not up to me to decide…I am as baffled with that realization. His voice through the cell snaps me back to reality, wait, when did I pick up?

His voice, oh his voice, it is so deep and with every sound that comes through his mouth , a tremble echoes all through my veins, It must be something with him, something about him. I don’t remember half of what he said, except that I should go see him for lunch today and despite half hearted protests I remember saying, “Sure, but that’s all the time you are going to get from me,”  before hanging up.

Now here I am dressed in the most casual and dressed down look that have, I am trying to ‘de-impress’ myself from him and I am wondering how this will work out for me for he seemed to love me in my PJs or bad hair days or no clothes at all, it all seemed perfect to him, but it won’t hurt if I try.

Now here I am in a loud but depressing matatu going to see him, the guy who my love and heart and mind belongs to, the guy who has been the strongest support system these past few months, the guy who has shown me a different side of love, the guy who I have fought and made love with.

The guy, who until two days ago I did not know was married,

Here I am in the bus, going to give air-time to the guy that showed me what love is and the same guy who showed me what love isn’t…The same guy…




What a world she lives in, I had to leave her memories because they were weighing me down. She is carrying too much by herself; her memory tells me that not even her best friend knows.

I feel like stretching out my arms to hug her, but who am I? Besides, how true is my analysis, she could just be a girl listening to ‘Man’s Not hot!’ and meditating upon it!


I know nothing!







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  1. Captivating indeed..imagination gone wild

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