The Upcoming Diabetes Education Day Courtesy Of Fountain Healthcare


The global prevalence rate of diabetes stands at 8.8% which means about 424.9 million individuals across the globe have diabetes. Now, despite efforts to create awareness and provide medication, the number is estimated to rise to 628.6 million by 2045. The current prevalence of diabetes in Kenya stands at 3.3% but is also estimated to increase to 4.5% by the year 2025. These concerning numbers are the reason behind initiatives such as the upcoming Diabetes Education Day which are aimed at reducing the burden of the disease.

Diabetes Education Day

On 28th September, Fountain Healthcare will be hosting a Diabetes Education Day on their grounds located along Nandi Road, next to the Orthopedic Gym. The facility, which is the first multi-disciplinary group practice hospital in Eldoret town, is rated among the best Healthcare institutions in the town. This can be attributed to several factors. These include their experienced and expert doctors, their unmatched services and the fact that the hospital is equipped with the latest technology for timely and efficient treatment.  That said, you can expect the diabetes educators present on the day will provide attendees with valuable information they can use in efficiently managing diabetes.

What To Expect On FHC’s Diabetes Education Day

Cardiovascular Assessment and Teachings On Day to Day Management of Diabetes

The event is aimed at educating people living with diabetes on how to best manage the condition as well as promoting holistic healing. It will start at 9:00 a.m and end at 4:00 p.m. During this time, participants will enjoy free assessments of their cardiovascular risks. Knowledge on exercising, nutrition, monitoring, and proper medication is the cornerstone of diabetes management. Bearing that in mind, there will be a session where attendees will be educated on all this.

Teachings On Proper Oral and Foot Care

Additionally, they will also be equipped with knowledge on proper oral and foot care. Diabetics usually have teeth and gum problems. These include but are not limited to loose gums, inflammation, bad breath, periodontitis, gingivitis, and thrush.

This is because the condition damages blood vessels which supply blood that nourishes the gum.  They are also more susceptible to infection which can spike blood sugar levels even further. They therefore need to learn how to take care of their teeth and gums. Same case goes for the feet.

Limited blood supply and nerve damage caused by diabetes means structural problems, delayed healing and increased infection risk. Some diabetics also develop Ulcers. All of which call for special foot care which will be taught at the event

An Interactive Session

Apart from the teachings, attendees will be able to interact with other people living with diabetes. This is important as it will help foster a strong support system. And hopefully create a diabetes support group in Eldoret. It will also provide a chance for them to learn about how others deal with stress, anxiety and the social and psychological effects of the condition.

All this for a small registration fee of Ksh 500 only. And did I mention? Tea and lunch will be served. You know what they say, any meeting without food should be held in a WhatsApp group.

If you are interested in attending the Diabetes Education Day please call 0722623816 to book your space.


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