The Kenneth Academy: One of Eldoret’s Finest Basic Learning Institutions

The Kenneth Academy Eldoret
There are schools and then there is The Kenneth Academy.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” To that effect, providing your little one with the very best by taking them to a premium learning institution, the likes of The Kenneth Academy, should be on top of your to-do list. Introducing your child to only the best educational institute with a warm yet structured environment is the most important step any parent can take.

The Kenneth Academy, located along the Eldoret-Kisumu highway at Teleview, has been and continues to be a center of academic, spiritual, social and all-round development for children in the iconic town of Eldoret. The school which is structured into daycare, kindergarten and primary that currently runs to grade 1 but has plans of growing to grade 4 within the year, is the best place to build your children’s academic foundation. Why? The all-round development of your child, safety, convenience, affordability, and comfort to mention just but a few reasons.

The Structure at The Kenneth Academy

The school offers daycare services for children aged 9 months to 2.5 years (Little Explorers) and 2.5 to 3 years (Little Learners). Kindergarten is open for children aged 4-5 years before they can proceed to primary school.

The personalized approach by teachers and staff present every child with the opportunity to learn and develop all their cognitive abilities as well as their talents.  Children are typically supposed to arrive at school at 8.00 am except for Little Explorers who can arrive later. Transport services to pick and drop off children from homes are offered for the convenience of parents. At the end of each day, only listed parents or guardians are allowed to pick children from the school premises to ensure the security of the children.


Clean nutritious are meals provided for children but parents can bring special meals like milk to additionally cater for any extra nutritional needs their children may have. Each child is handled professionally by qualified teachers who are unbiased and welcoming to both children and their parents.

The institution follows the upgraded 2-6-6-3 system. Surrounded by an environment that matches the quality of education they receive, you can rest assured your child should they enroll in the school will be in an environment that stimulates and supports early growth, development, and learning.  

Why Choose The Kenneth Academy?

Apart from quality education, a good structure, and discipline, The Kenneth Academy outshines many other basic education academies by providing a fun-filled learning experience and plenty of extra-curricular activities. Children have group activities like singing, dancing, imaginative play, storytime, and many others. They also partake in individual activities such as painting, construction blocks, play dough, jigsaw and puzzles and many more.

Furthermore, the school offers clubs and activities that you wouldn’t find in other early child development centers. These include skating, baseball games, swimming lessons and a wide range of sports activities for children to choose from.

Choose to cultivate discipline, innovation, and excellence in your little one at this fine institution. You can, as a parent, also contribute your opinion to the molding of your children within the institution. All parents’ voices matter courtesy of the Parents Teachers Association.

There is no better place in Eldoret to foster boldness, critical thinking, creativity, discipline, mindfulness, and character in your child other than at The Kenneth Academy.


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