File Your Tax Returns By June 30th Or Pay 20,000 Shilling Penalty

It is the season of the tax man, and things are not looking good for anyone seeming to ignore filing tax returns. The government in a move to motivate Kenyans employed or otherwise to file their tax returns has increased the penalty from 1000 to 20,000 shillings for failure to file returns.

Last minute rush in Eldoret iTax Support Center

Also, those who did not file tax returns in 2016 for the year 2015 will not be able to file tax returns. They will need to pay 1000 shillings to file the 2015 tax return then proceed to file the 2016 tax returns.

iTax has simplified the tax filing process. Anyone with basic computer knowledge should be able to maneuver the portal and file their tax returns with ease. A little bit of guidance might be required for the first attempt, but it should be a breeze afterward.

For people wishing to file a Nil tax return. Below is a Youtube video that will guide you in the process.


If you are employed; follow this link to file your return. You will need a p9 form to verify the information that your employer has provided.

KRA has been improving their tax filing system over the years. This year unlike the previous years the portal has been more stable and has been able to support the many users that flood in at the last minute to file their returns.

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