Sixty Four Office Suites Ltd Launches New and Innovative Shared Workspace At Rupa’s Mall

Shared workspaces are the new norm in the modern, accommodative, flexible, and innovative 21st century workplace. They are convenient and contemporary. Best of all, they give your brand or company a sense of professionalism and an area to run its operations while costing only a fraction of what it would have cost to set up an office from scratch.

It is for this reason that Sixty Four Office Suites Ltd, whose mission is to be the premier office space provider in the region, took it upon themselves to create such a space for the business men and women of Eldoret.

Essentially, the Shared Workspace which is at Rupa’s Mall, on the 3rd Floor, is a working environment in which several unrelated companies work side by side. And for the entire month of December and January 2020 you get a free one week trial period. During this period you can go and work from the premises at absolutely no charge just so you can test it out and see that it’s a viable idea.

The Look And Feel Of The Shared Workspace At Rupa’s Mall

The coworking space currently up for rent at Rupa’s Mall is nothing short of remarkable. It was built in such a way that it not only fosters creativity and productivity but also networking.

Since shared spaces are meant to be convenient, they will be accessible 24/7 so you can work whenever you want.

Additionally, you can rent space for as long or as shortly as you want. You can literally rent office space for just an hour, half a day, a full day, a week or a month.

To further the convenience aspect even more, the space is fully furnished.  The space comes with a desk, chair, office equipment and even a phone depending on your package deal, which means all you have to do is walk in and just start working.

The area is divided into different workspaces. First you have the desk spaces.

These are divided into two; hot and flexi desks.  The difference between the two is simple. The latter is a desk space that is dedicated to your company for as long as your lease lasts.

Second you have the serviced and virtual offices. You are free to place your logo on the door of your office. Third you have a soundproof Skype cubicle where you can conduct all business calls and webinars privately. Fourth you have the common seating areas.

The view from this particular section is amazing. Now, last but not least you have the meeting and board room.

Understanding The Workspaces Available

Desk spaces are suited for people who need a temporary base or want to get a break from their
home office. A serviced office accords you more privacy as you run your operations. A virtual office is
best suited for companies that want a physical presence in Eldoret without necessarily opening up a
branch office. The meeting room accommodates up to 6 people while the boardroom facility can
hold up to 16 individuals. Both are state of the art and have flat screen presentation TVs, white
boards and markers.

A view of the different working spaces at 64 Suites offices


Reasons Why Renting The Shared Workspace By Sixty Four Office Suites Ltd Might Be A Good Idea

Aside from providing contemporary fully furnished workspaces, 64 Office Suites Ltd have gone a step
further to make sure their tenants get the very best service. How so?

For starters, the coworking space has a contemporary kitchen. There will be free coffee, tea and
water as refreshments while tenants work.

They are also providing high speed internet connectivity, a telephone for every desk and a phone answering service. Not to mention a receptionist and virtual assistants if need be.

Tenants will also get a physical mailing address and access to messenger services. Security is something no tenant will ever have to worry about. Apart from the provided safe / secure lockers,  the facility will have biometric and key card access security.

Printing services will also be available. This is inclusive of printing, scanning, laminating and binding.

The most obvious reason why renting this shared space is a good idea, is none other than the fact
that you get to save moolah. By renting the space you avoid costs that would have been incurred
setting up a traditional office. You won’t have to buy equipment or furniture, pay to get electricity
and water connected, hire a receptionist, or pay for Wi-Fi and security services.

If you are interested in taking up the coworking space at Rupa’s Mall by Sixty Four Office Suites Ltd,
please call 0743 67 64 64 or 0777 67 64 64. You can also visit their website or send an email to And remember, you can try out the experience of working in this
shared space for an entire week at no charge!



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