Sasha DMB is onto something: ‘Back it up’ video review

By The Unpaid Writer

It’s been a week since Sasha DMB released a smasher dubbed ‘Back it up’.  Believe me when I say, the tune is a smash, may not be a national hit but for an EVO (Eldorets Very Own) project, this jam is the bomb. But enough of that.  Let me break this down for you real quick.  

First, it’s a party song that has dotted all the I’s and Crossed all the Ts, it’s got that dance beat that will keep you on the floor and the chorus is very catchy too. Production wise the sound is great, properly mixed and mastered. Video, muy caliente!! (Spanish for very hot) If you haven’t watched the video ladies, prepare for some eye candy.  The scenes are clean, storyline gets home quick and the cuts are perfect.

Second, Sasha DMB can sing, me used to think rappers can’t sing but I’ve been proven wrong. Sasha DMB has a really nice voice that comes out nice in this here piece.

The lyrics are quite risqué, not a song to listen to with your folks in the car. Sasha sings a bit in Swahili which sounds really dope. I love Swahili rap, I’m biased.


Now, for a bit of critique, ‘Back it up’ has been used so many times as a title and may be confused with other songs when searching online. In certain areas the lyrics weren’t coming out strongly or clearly enough,  but you can only get it if you’re keenly listening to write a review like myself. Also, some people may not like the open endorsement of brands. It is mostly preferred subtle. Done

This like any other smash as we’ve decided to call it, has to be enjoyed from a nice music system which I happen not to have. But alas, I had the privilege of listening to it from the very same club the video was shot at. True to the claim. It’s a smash.

‘Back it up’ has been on my YouTube playlist for a week now, listened to it randomly and didn’t feel like skipping when it came on, found myself listening till the end. All together now, It’s a smash.

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Special shout out to Micrule on The Beat for holding down Eldoret and chucking fire tunes every time. Twister Black is the guy to go for if you need your music videos done right.

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