Safaricom Rolls Out Data, Text and Voice Plans With No Expiry

The wide and strong coverage Safaricom offers is only half of the reason why it is the leading telecommunication company in the country. The other half can be attributed to the numerous offers it rolls out to its customers. And today, as the company celebrated its 19th anniversary, it’s customers got to enjoy the launch of data, voice and text plans with no expiry.  Yes, you heard that right.  Many are the times you buy bundles ony for the stipulated duration to come to an end before you deplete them right? Well, as of today, October 23rd 2019,  you can buy data bandles, calling airtime and sms that do not expire.


How The New Safaricom System Works

The company’s CEO Michael Joseph unveiled the new system at Safaricom offices and introduced it as Simple, Transparent and Honest. It is very simple to use.

Simply dial *544#. After that you will get a prompt that looks like this.

You have 4 choices. Buy data bundle with no expiry, buy calls and sms with no expiry, buy normal data and check balance.

Click whichever option you need between 1 and 2.  If you go with 1, the system should direct you to this prompt.

I tried with 1. The next prompt asks you to enter the amount of money you’d like to spend. I wrote 1000 and I was redirected here.

These new plans are also available on the app.

You however need to update the app in order to enjoy the feature.

Perks Of The New Safaricom System

The new simple, transparent and honest Safaricom system comes with several advantages.  First of course, is the fact that you get to maximize all bundles you buy.  Second, the new plans accommodate the pockets of the common mwananchi. For the first time ever you can buy bundles for as little as Ksh 1! It gives you only Ksh 1.5 airtime or 2 mbs with no expiry but it’s not nothing.  Compared to the ordinary plan, no expiry bundle sizes are also larger. For Ksh 5 Bob you get 10MBs of bundles compared to 7MBs on the ordinary plan. Ksh 1000 buys 5GB or airtime worth Ksh 1500.

Other Changes Announced By Safaricom’s CEO Michael Joseph

Apart from launching the new system, Michael Joseph also announced they would be bettering their services. The company intends to set up wifi access to customers at all their 50 safaricom shops. He also promised the 33 million customers who use the service they would be served in under 5 minutes. This applies to both when they are contacting the call center or physically in a safaricom shop. Additionally, as of November 1st, new customers will be able to pick their own phone number as well as get lines for free.

All this despite being hacked last night in what KOT have dubbed the Kenyan Heist Season 2?.  To all my friends btw who did not wake me up to partake in the spoils, ivi ndio nawangojea?.

Don’t say nobody warned you. Oh and if you see something on the internet that looks like this

, please do not dial. You might think yourself lucky, aty you are about to get free bundles. Truth is it’s a way of making people okoa bundles.



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