Taking You Inside The Newly Opened Rupa’s Fun & Fitness Center (Photos)

I keep saying this, Rupa’s Mall is a gift that keeps on giving, and alas it has done it again with the newly opened Fun & Fitness Center. You know how planning the perfect family fun day out in Eldoret can be quite an undertaking since you have to choose between a kid-friendly retreat or an adult geared outing?

Well, this place just solved that for you. Rupa’s Fun & Fitness Center is not just Eldoret’s premier family fun center. It is also the coolest and the fanciest one-stop whole family entertainment spot, offering a sunny blend of luxury, kid-friendly entertainment, and adult recreation.

The Main Attractions At Rupa’s Fun & Fitness Centre

1.E-Hub Gaming Zone

Gamers, you are in for a treat! E-Hub Gaming Zone is undoubtedly the ultimate gaming zone in town. Complete with 12 HD screens, plush sofas, next-gen consoles, and controllers that work great. The interior of the place screams elegance and refinement.

Games available include PS 5, Virtual Reality, Chess, Draft, Driving Simulations, Pool, and Foosball. Snacks and drinks are also served. Their prices are pretty affordable. Board games are completely free and a game of foosball is 100 bob. PS 5 costs 80 bob per game or 300 bob for an hour. VR games and the driving sim go for 200 bob for 30 minutes of playtime and 400 bob for an hour.

2. Big Afrique Recording Studio

I promise you have never seen anything like it. Luxe, cozy, carpeted wall to wall, stylishly furnished, and equipped with the best equipment money can buy. I’m talking violins, guitars, pianos, acoustic & electronic drums, microphones, you name it. It’s quite something to behold. So if you’ve ever fancied learning how to play any instrument or pursuing a career in music, this is the place to go.

It is also open to bands, choirs, and content creators like podcasters not to mention it features a DJ school; Big Afrique DJ Academy. The latter was launched this past weekend. My favorite thing in the studio, however, has to be this wall of legends with the biggest artists in the industry from whom you can draw inspiration. Again the prices are fair. Full courses cost between 18 to 20k. If you don’t want to commit to a full course that is also okay, you can pay about 800 bob I think for a class of 1 hour 30 minutes.

3. Heated Pools

And I say pools because they are two, a kids pool and an Olympic size adult pool. Both heated! Your swimming experience will never be the same. Another highlight of this is the bleacher seating, just like what we see in movies.

4. Gym

Fitness enthusiasts, you are going to love it. The gym on location has ample space, contemporary interior design, padded floors. It is fitted with high-quality equipment like treadmills, dumbbells, squat racks, plates, barbells, and various weight machines.

Thoughts On The Establishment That Is Rupa’s Fun & Fitness Center

There are plenty of spaces still up for rent but so far so good. We are pretty pleased with this new development. If you are looking to have a bloody good time, make your way to Rupa’s Fun & Fitness Center, and don’t forget to tell a friend to tell a friend.

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