A Recap Of The Egypt and Middle East Expo




Last week saw Rupa’s Mall, play host to yet another Egypt and Middle East Expo and boy was it iconic! Dropped by on Thursday and  saying I was stunned is a big understatement. It was spiffing, exotic, and mind blowing. I literally felt like I was one of those middle eastern markets like the ones featured in Aladin. Hopefully, you made an effort to drop by. If not, fret not for I gotchu?. Here are all items that were being showcased and 4 reasons why you absolutely must attend the next one.

 Artifacts and Furniture

I’ll start with these because to me they were the most interesting.  Some of the stalls had exotic looking chandeliers, mosaic candle holders, mini fountains and imitations of ancient artifacts from Egypt. I’m obsessed with Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt. And almost everything she stood for. Rumor has it she was the most beautiful woman to grace this earth. I also just recently watched this series called Blood and Treasure. It’s an action adventure drama film about finding the tombs of Cleopatra and her husband Mark Antony which were stolen by the Natzis. If you haven’t ,you absolutely need to. Anyhu, what was I saying? Oh, seeing how obsessed I am with ancient Egypt, you can imagine how excited I was to see artifacts inspired by her relics.

I also spotted the magic kettle featured in Aladin.

Rubbed it 3 times just to see if I would get a personal geenie?.  Tough luck?.

There was a safe in form of a dictionary and wooden treasure chests. And how dare I forget to mention these beautiful mirrors, wall art and wall clocks that were to die for!!

The house decor pieces were also  out of this world  but why tell you when I can show you?.  Furniture featured included 3 legged stools in different pastel colors and these wooden tables that were a work of art.




The Kitchenware At The Egypt and Middle East Expo

If you love cooking or just having an expensive looking kitchen then you would have gone bonkers at the Egypt and Middle East Expo. The were all sorts of nonstick cooking pot sets made out of ceramic, marble, and granite. And they come with their own set of nonstick spoons. Also on sale were things like potato peelers, vegetable choppers, multifunctional graters, and tomato slicers to mention but a few.

As far as appliances were concerned, there was plenty to choose from. From juicers, to grill pans, grinders, mincers and what have you.

There was also a device that cooks chapati in a minute and eliminates the need for rolling. Yani once you make those tu round balls, the chapati maker does the rest for you.  Kazi yako ni ku turn tu.

The Clothes and Shoes

Middle Eastern fashion is such a vibe and clothing exhibitors at the Expo really brought the heat. You could find all sorts of middle eastern shoes, clothes and handbags starting from KES 3500.


The Accessories

If you love accessorising, the next Egypt and Middle East Expo is where you need to go shopping. Imagine owning rings, necklaces or a set of bangles from Egypt. And they go for as little as KES 400. The jewelry featured in all stalls was so beautiful. Not made out of real gold which was a bummer but still, they looked so exotic and fancy.


Bangles and Shambalas if they still call them that were also featured in the expo.

Other Items Showcased At The Egypt and Middle East Expo

Also featured were natural self care products, spices from Middle East, carpets and oriental rugs.

  And then there was a man teaching Indian Maths. We easily dismissed him at first but after giving him a minute of our time, he blew us away. He had  tapes on how you can be a mathematical genius coupled with massage tools and spy stuff. By spy stuff I mean spy glasses that record video and audio. You’ve only seen these in movies?. We got to see it in real life!!! He also had spy watches and plenty of games to train your mind.

Authentic middle eastern perfumes and incense were also part of the exhibition and they were going for as little as KES 300 and 500 respectively.

Hand sewing machines, magic moppers, Iranian honey, figs, walnuts, pistachio,  steam irons and fitness equipment were also featured in the Egypt and Middle East Expo.

I could go on and on. It was a really fascinating experience even if you have no money. Just seeing all the beautiful and amazing items being showcased is enough. Owning them of course is better?. But whatever your budgetary confinement, please make sure you drop by the next Egypt and Middle East Expo. Good news, it’s a year away, so you can start saving. You won’t regret it.


Photos used are courtesy of Eldoret Leo and Kreate Photography.

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