#MisikMusings: Political Activism Matters

Hey, long time it has been since we last had a chat within these streets, well I hope you have been well, probably getting a voters card, running errands and watching the Joho chronicles. Well, I have been doing all that and immersing myself in books, I am surprised I didn’t drown. I couldn’t find anything better to do when I couldn’t write than to get in the mind of other obviously great writers.

immersing myself in books

I love how the town is painted Red and yellow with the touch of black; the Matatus, the posters, the billboards, ooh and let me not speak about the shirts and the photos of people holding hands saying “Tuko ndaaanii ndanii ndaniii” very misused phrase this one.

The political environment is at its peak and the air is saturated, everyone wants to lead these days and for what? money? power?  (Yes) genuine need to help and bring change?  This, I highly doubt, call me skeptical but it would be very naïve of me to refer to politicians as angels, My hopes would be far-fetched if I said I believed in our political systems as at now. Change is coming though, all hope is not lost.

Speaking of which, I’m in utter amazement at how activists are vying for political positions while artists are becoming activists by their own right. I mean the songs, the spoken words, and the art, the write ups; people are slowly gathering courage and speaking out. Peace has come out strongly in all these messages, and although we still have a few uncouth and barbaric humans, many more are becoming wiser, never again will we be divided using the tribal card.

Cliché as ever but true to the core is how most of us are the middle class; we do not sleep hungry but if we do not toil hard for every single day of the month, we just may, we do not lack medical care but if a minor operation is thrown on our faces we will need the help of the two villages to offset the bill, we can afford to take our children to universities  but the slithering loans tie us down and would tighten its noose around our necks anytime, so yes we get by but not like the politicians who can afford to sleep everyday of their lives but still be effortlessly able to feed two generations after them. Activism in art, activism in all corners, let’s not be scared, our voices need to be raised a little more, let us be heard more, that is why you are here, to make a difference.

That was my message too, let us be wise this time around because although selfless leadership may seem far-fetched, change begins now and with each and every one of us, the positive results and the effects may be felt a few generations after us, and that’s not such a bad thing. I look forward to a society that offers equal opportunities.

Remember the communal system during the days of our ancestors? No, me neither, but we read about it; the system stood for all for one and one for all, everyone was their neighbor’s keeper, and although people’s noses were too much in other people’s business, they looked out for one another and helped each other prosper. I love that society. Call me old school; which I am but I honestly think too much civilization does not do us any good at all times.

Well, they say a few words are enough for a wise man/woman so; I have said my all but that’s not the last of it. You’ll hear more from me, but for now; I hope you are busy being you, loving you and making progress as much as your life is concerned; I’d love to see us all get to our zones, there is enough space for all of us so do not be afraid to light someone else’s light using your own already lit light. Good?

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