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Platinum Scissors: The Finest Spa and Barber shop in Eldoret (Photos)

Hold onto your hairline guys, Platinum Scissors Spa and Barber shop in Eldoret is about to make your follicle fantasies come true!

There are very few places a man can go and be himself. One of those places is the barbershop. It’s at the barber that men from all walks of life, congregate and communicate freely. Problems are articulated and solutions discussed. Stories are told of events in society and lessons are passed from one man to the other. At least once a month or every other week, men walk into the barber shop and walk out refreshed and with a dapper hair cut to complement it. Its no wonder men are loyal to their barber.

Platinum Scissors barber shop in Eldoret

But, just like every other service providers, it is the quality and general experience that matters most. So, if you are tired of sitting on a cold bench, waiting in line, with only a few pieces of newspaper going round, then it is probably time for an upgrade.

Enter Platinum Scissors Spa and Barber shop in Eldoret

Platinum Scissors is a modern twist on the old school barber shops. It has an eclectic interior design that ensures you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in to the second you walk out. The barber shop is located at Zion Mall and it’s right by Tilil coffee house and Eldo Grill.

The Setup

Platinum Scissors Spa and Barber shop is like a posh gentleman’s man cave. It’s classic, prestigious and the ideal environment for today’s professional man.

Executive Lounge

The barber shop features an executive lounge where you can chill, surf the internet or interact with other gents as you await your turn to get shaved. Check out the lounge

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VIP Spa and Barber Facility

Platinum Scissors is more than your typical barber shop. They focus on the harmonious rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit by offering the ultimate in spa and barber services. Prepare to be pampered at this plush executive Spa and barber, check out the amenities available

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Kids Section

Kids are not left out either. While they wait for their turn, the kids get to enjoy on-the-go beauty fun which includes video games!

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Services and Pricing

Top-notch services and customer experience reigns supreme at this grooming destination in Zion Mall, Eldoret. Platinum Scissors boasts a staff of professional and highly experienced barbers, cosmetologists and massage therapists. Among the services provided include; haircuts, massage, pedicure, manicure, facials and dreadlocks.

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Check these screenshots for pricing or get the service menu online

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Bottom Line

Platinum Scissors Spa and Barber shop in Eldoret provides everything nice that a man needs and wants to be comfortable leading up to their hair cut. With more than five barbers working on the clock, you can dash in and be out in no time or if you are in no rush the you could comfortably spend hours at the barber shop.

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