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Pizza Delivery Services In Eldoret

Eldoret Pizza Delivery Services

While Eldoret might not feature international pizza chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut, it has its fair share of equally amazing pizzerias. E-Town residents love their pizza and with good reason.  This savory dish with Italian origins is great for parties, family hangouts, get-togethers, date night and what have you.

For one, it’s tasty and there are tonnes of crust flavors and toppings to choose from. Two, it’s a symbol of status and we all know we’d do anything for those gangsta points😅.  Street cred muhimu msee. Three, since it is eaten right out of the box, it saves you from staying up long after your guests have left to do the dishes.

I don’t know about you, but the latter alone is a good enough reason for me to order pizza whenever I’m hosting.

Are There Pizza Delivery Services In Eldoret?

Eldoret Pizza Delivery Services

Tight deadlines? Order in pizza from leading restaurants in Eldoret and save that time to get work done.

Now, seeing how gloomy the weather has been of late, wouldn’t it be great if you could have your pizza delivered right to you. Instead of having to go out into the rain to get it yourself? Even if it gets benign, doesn’t the thought of eating without the hustle of preparing food or stepping out of your crib to get it just excite you? What about those times you get unexpected visitors and have nothing edible to offer them.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could just dial a number and have pizza brought to your house to entertain your guests as you catch up?

Well, guess what! You can do just that. We Eldoretians are so elite that we have not one, not two, but 5 different pizza delivery services in operation.  If you ever need pizza delivered right to your doorstep, listed below are the numbers to call.

Numbers To Call For Pizza Delivery Services In Eldoret

0782207207 / 0780207207 – The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant

Pizza Delivery Services in Eldoret

Pizza from the Well features a thin crust and generous toppings

You haven’t had pizza until you’ve had pizza from The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant! Their biggest sell for me is the thinness of the crust. Most pizzerias serve you a huge chunk of crust with a very thin layer of toppings. Pizzas at the Well are the opposite.

The thickness of the crust is just right and they do not mise when it comes to the toppings. The pizzas look amazing and they taste even better.  Thankfully, they offer one of the most reliable pizza delivery services in Eldoret.  By dialing 0780207207 or 0782207207 you can order Pizza from the Rupa branch and the Saito branch respectively.

Both branches of The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant offer quite an extensive list of pizzas so you’ll be spoilt for choice. All of which range between Ksh 650 to Ksh 1000. Top picks from their menu include  Hawaiian, Margherita, Meat Lovers Pizza, Napolitano, Calzone, BBQ Chicken Periperi, Diavolo, Mexicano, and American pizzas.  They also serve vegetarian pizzas. Delivery within town is free and costs Ksh 100 for other areas within Eldoret.  It takes about 30 minutes if you are within town and 40 minutes if you live in the outskirts. Please note you can only place orders between 10:00 a.m and 8:00 p.m.

Pizza Delivery Services in Eldoret

Poster of numbers to call for delivery services from The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant


0722944206/ 0720331686- Blue Lounge

Pizza Delivery Services in Eldoret

Blue Lounge – Pizza Menu

Eldoret’s newest party spot also happens to serve and deliver amazing pizza. Like amazing amazing amazing. Medium pizzas go for Ksh 750 while large ones cost Ksh 900. Available options include periperi, chicken Tikka, Hawaiian, Margherita, chicken mushrooms, polo, BBQ steak, and Chicken bacon BBQ.

If you need pizza from Blue Lounge, all you have to do is call 0720331686 or 0722944206 provided it is between 8:30 a.m and 10 p.m.  Delivery is free provided you live within a 50 bob by bike radius from Blue lounge. If you live further than that, you can still get your pizza but you’ll have to top up any fare above the Ksh 50 Blue Lounge covers.

OH, and how dare I forget! On Fridays, if you buy a pizza, you get another one free.

Pizza Delivery Services in Eldoret

Blue Lounge BOGOF offer every Friday

0752111110/0202070999- Zaika Lounge

Pizza Delivery Services in Eldoret

Medium pizzas from Zaika Lounge go for Ksh 750 while large ones go for Ksh 999. They come in so many different types that include but are not limited to mushroom, vegetarian, chicken BBQ, Hawaiian, etc. One great thing about ordering pizza from Zaika, apart from the fine taste and appearance, of course, is the fact that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, if you buy two pizzas you get 1 free.

Pizza Delivery Services in Eldoret

To order, please call 0752111110 or 0202070999.

0721201717/ 0732502399-Pizza Bistro

Pizza Delivery Services in Eldoret

Pizza Bistro offers without question one of the best pizza delivery services in Eldoret. This is simply because they deliver your pizza free of charge whether you are in town or within its outskirts! It is famous for its signature medium crusted, cheesy pizzas that come in the form of periperi, chicken BBQ, vegetable pizza and Hawaiian to mention but a few.

Small pizzas sell at Ksh 600, medium ones at Ksh 800 and large ones at Ksh 1000. In order to enjoy Pizza Bistro’s free delivery services, however, you’ll have to place your order between 10 a.m and 8 p.m.

0205239999-Jumia Food

Most of you are familiar with Jumia Food. You’ve probably ordered food through it a couple of times. But incase there’s someone clueless as to what I’m talking about, Jumia food is an app through which you can order food, drinks, groceries and in this case pizza. Eldoret restaurants featured on the app that offer pizza are The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant, Zaika Lounge, and Bakers Point.

Since I’ve discussed pizzas from the first two restaurants, I’ll just talk about pizzas at Bakers Point which cost Ksh 750 and Ksh 950 for medium and large pizzas respectively.  I think they have the widest selection of pizzas in all of Eldoret. Talk of meat mania, Hawaiian, chicken BBQ, gourmet, mageritta, four seasons, plain cheese, poussin paneer, classified chicken, beef, chicken, and vegetable pepperoni, and extravaganza pizzas among many others.

Delivery costs Ksh 150. In case you do not want to install the app, you can place your order by calling 0205239999. The service does not however extend to all places within Eldoret and covers a very small circumference from the restaurant in question.

0751700293- Leta Food

LetaFood is another food delivery app that works just Like Jumia Food, only it covers a wider circumference range and it is cheaper. If you decide to order pizza through Leta Food,  you will get to choose between Zaika Lounge and Duara Fast Foods


If you want to order food through the app, the process is quite simple. You just enter your address, add whichever pizza you want in your cart, check out and wait for your pizza to arrive. Alternatively, you can call 0751700293. Delivery costs Ksh 100 for same-day delivery and Ksh 70 for next day delivery.

Now you know, you can enjoy your favorited pizza without necessarily going out to get it, thanks to the above-mentioned pizza delivery services in Eldoret, get ordering and let us know your experiences with whichever service you choose.

Stephanie Maiyo

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