In Pictures; Inside the Iconic MUPS PLAZA

From the outside it is a sight to behold and you would be justified to wonder how the inside of the Mups Plaza looks. If you are one of the people that have been wondering I’m glad to tell you that your wait is finally over. I have a select set of pictures show casing the inside of the building and unconfirmed reports of what is going to be inside Mups Plaza.

Iconic Mups Plaza From Outside

On our previous post on Mups Plaza we had highlighted a few features that would be in the building. This time we will show them to you in pictures. Some of the features include…

6 High Speed Lifts

3 high speed lifts

There are six extremely high speed lifts, It took me 30 seconds to go from the 23 floor to the ground floor. The lifts are also voice activated to inform you when you have reached the desired floor.

Stair Case

There are very spacious stair cases for the claustrophobic folks and those that want to break a sweat before getting to the office.

50,000 square meters of space 

Needless to say that Mups plaza is spacious. Prospective business that will open up shop at the building are restaurants, banks, gymnasiums and many others more. Nation Media already operated from the Mups Plaza 7th Floor.

Unconfirmed reports have it that a restaurant will be located in this very space.

Swimming Pool on the 23rd Floor

As promised there is a bean shaped swimming pool atop the building. Though not as big as expected but a pool none the less. It is certainly a pool with the best view in Eldoret town and will be a huge attraction to the restaurant set to open shop next to it.

Swimming Pool on the 23rd Floor

Parking Space for Over 600 vehicles.

The space set for parking space in Mups Plaza is huge, estimations have it that the space could be equivalent to to five whole floors on the building. The three basement floors are dedicated to parking, there is also additional parking space on the mezzanine floors.

Mups Plaza Parking Space

More Photos

Inside Lift.
Restaurant Kitchen.
Swimming Pool
Eldoret Town From the 23rd Floor

Our previous post MUPS Plaza the tallest building west of Nairobi MUPS was from an outside looking in perspective, this time we have gone into the belly of the beast and gotten the information first hand. Unfortunately Lake Victoria could not be seen today probably because of cloud cover. However Cherangani Hills and Mt Elgon could be clearly seen.

Reflections. Mups Plaza


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