Picture Recap: In case you missed out on the Big 5 party at Rupa’s Mall

If you were not part of the Big 5 party, you clearly missed out on the biggest party Eldoret has seen ever. Big 5 entertainment threw down a unique 5 themed concert where 5 of the biggest Djs took the stage and had the fans on their feet the entire time. You can imagine 5 of the best Djs each putting up their best sets, sometimes to outdo their counterparts. It was all sorts of lit. But since you missed out here’s the brief.

The Big5 party was held at the Rupa’s Mall ground in the tent and going by the organization this was not your ordinary concert. First, you had to part with an entrance fee of between 1000 to 5000 depending on where you’d like to party, they say there’s no party like a regular party I agree. From there, the drinks. You’ve never seen bottle service like the show case at the big 5 concert.

To top it all off, the big 5 djs, in no order. Dj Tibz, Dj Joe Mfalme, Dj Pierre Makena, Kriss Darlin and Crème Dela Crème alongside the big 5 other featured djs were Dj Malaika and King Mellow. Maina Kageni, Eric Omondi, Amber Ray and Mc Nick the Trend hosted the party.

Photo courtesy of Big 5 Entertainment

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