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Picture demonstration of how the Wealthy in Eldoret Town are better conservationists

Recently I visited the Mups Plaza and as is the norm, I hardly if ever step out of the house without my camera, it’s not much but it gets the job done. Now from the 23rd Floor you can’t see the Lake Victoria contrary to popular belief. However, you will get to see the aerial view of a few estates in Eldoret Town. The estates that could be clearly seen are Elgon View, Pioneer, Eastern Avenue , Kapsoya and Action from afar.

Elgon View, Circled in Red

Elgon View, Circled in Red

From the aerial view the thing that clearly stands out is how the more affluent regions are covered by thick vegetation as compared to the rest of the areas. For Instance, the vegetation in Elgon View and Eastern Avenue does not allow you to clearly see a single house, it’s like a forest of sorts with  sparsely distributed mansions with clay tiles peeping through .

Eldoret Town

Eastern Avenue Circled In Red

This is not the case in the rest of the Estates, Kapsoya for instance suffers most with a house to tree ratio of 10:1. That may be an exaggeration but you get my point.

Kapsoya Circled In Red

Kapsoya Circled In Red

Pioneer is slightly better than Kapsoya but there are 5 flats for every tree. Action can be seen from afar but is not any better than Kapsoya or Pioneer. It also suffers the same fate. The number of trees still standing in Action are countable.

Pioneer Estate Circled In Red

Pioneer Estate Circled In Red

Conserving the environment is not a reserve of the rich, it is to everyone’s best interest to take care of the areas they live in by planting more trees. Anyone able to read this piece knows the importance of planting trees and conserving the environment for self and for future generations, the benefits can’t be emphasized enough. I hope the pictures gave you some insight of what you need to do. Plant a Fruit tree and enjoy the benefits… Literally.

A Small Estate In Eldoret Town you probably never knew existed. 


A Small Estate you probably never knew existed in Eldoret Town

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  1. Looks like doctors village. Next to MTRH

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