Patriotic Rascals Ep4: Why did the chicken cross the Road?

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Magoko poked me out of the reverie with his spanner to alert me of the boss’ arrival. I did not stand as I was supposed to. Magoko stood there at ease, ceasing whatever clanging he was making with the spanner on an old engine until the boss unlocked the office doors then disappeared inside.

“There, go and plead your job back”, Magoko told me, gesturing at the door. I told him that I would wait for ten minutes and that pleading wasn’t going to happen.

Inside the office, Mr. Omondi did not even appear surprised that it was me he had welcomed after the incessant knocking. He went on perusing, checking and mumbling to himself then perusing again. He appeared occupied. I calmly sat down and waited for him to get interested.

For ten minutes he did not act like I was there. I stared right across at him without breaking it off. He made to scribble something on a paper then realized that he had been holding the pen upside-down all along. The longer I stayed in his office, the more the co-workers arrived, and the more they would ask how I dealt with the most difficult person in the world.

“I came to request the rest of the salary for the month of August, Mr. Omondi”, I informed him trying hard not to hint contempt.

“Everyone received their salary up to September, Mwangi” He said then buried his head under the papers again.

“I did not receive mine, and I have not heard of anyone who has. I was inquiring when….”

“Because you are busy sleeping around with clients” He interrupted, then contemptuously buried his head in a file.

I felt that I was losing my temper, so I stood up and stretched, then made for the door. I’ll leave and never come back to this God-forsaken place I thought.

Yet for two months, I had survived on Mrs. Ruto’s mercy; prayers for dessert and faith for dinner. I drank her hope that The Pack would soon get jobs and live happily ever after. Now, Omondi here was a joker.

I wasn’t leaving my money.

I turned, and there he was staring at my back, but as soon as he saw me turn, he buried his head again. I totally lost it.

“Omondi please give me my pay, I’ve worked for all those months and the least you can do is paying me for the two months” I had never called him by his name without a respectful prefix. He was disturbed and stood up, fuming childishly.

“This company doesn’t owe you anything. The cheques show you were paid every month. Just like everyone else” He shouted, then hastily calmed and sat on his armchair. He was shaking and I could tell from his open eyes that even he did not believe what he just told me.

This company owes you nothing…. What about August and September salaries? Everyone is paid…When did this happen?

The room went dark suddenly and my head reeled and rolled into a strobe. A chilly, boiling sensation ran from my backbone, to the back of my head before swiftly engulfing my forehead. I do not remember what I was telling him until Magoko and several co-workers pulled me out of the office.


“You brats were paid but did not tell me!” I cussed them on our way out as my senses receded.

“We haven’t been paid for August and September you crazy!” Magoko spat, pushing me out through the gate. He grappled me by my trouser on the belt.

“Did I hit him?” I asked.

“No,” Someone answered “You did not. He hit you”

That explained the stinging on my forehead. I sadly walked home and forgot everything, including contacting Grace.

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