Nyota Ride App Brings Travel Convenience To Taxi Users In Eldoret


Nyota Ride is a new revolutionary way of giving freedom to riders and taxi drivers or vehicle owners.

Taxi Cabs on standby at Nakumatt Eldoret. Nyota Ride app seeks to connect drivers with clients online for fast and efficient service

Taxi cabs are on every street corner in Eldoret CBD, and while it’s not difficult to get one at your convenience, it is the experience of your ride that may not be the most ideal.

Firstly, whichever car your taxi guy picks you up with, is the one you’ll use to travel to your destination. Most times you are not able to choose which car to use.

Secondly, you always have to haggle over a price; there’s only so much you can bargain. Lastly, you are not always guaranteed of taxi services at a moments notice. Your regular cab guy could be attending to another client or is off duty, forcing you to hustle for another ride.

Request for a taxi. A list of drivers is provided who have accepted your request and it is upon you to choose them based on price, proximity, rating among other options

Nyota Ride mobile application will give you the freedom to choose your driver based on an array of features including car type, price and ratings, as well as additional offers from drivers – e.g. some drivers, provide water to their customers or the chance to play your music playlist. Nyota Ride is the first application in the Kenyan market to give this freedom to riders!

Nyota Ride to Enable Taxi Drivers Get Clients Fast

Taxi drivers in Eldoret no longer have to park their cars and wait for customers. With the application installed, drivers will get notification alerts from clients needing services within the area. Drivers can then accept the request and drive to the pickup point.

When it comes to pricing, Nyota Ride gives the drivers the freedom to choose their pricing; unlike any other application in the market. The power of supply and demand determines fare charges with an overall guidance and monitoring from Nyota Ride. Each driver determines how much they are charging their customers. The freedom comes with a careful balance between breaking even vs. pricing oneself off the market!

More Options for Riders

Nyota Ride gives customers access to taxi driver’s information including their full name, picture, type of car, reg number, driver reviews and fare charges. Once you send out a request for a cab, a list of available drivers within the location will pop up on the screen. After reviewing their information, you’ll get to select the taxi you wish to ride in.

Install Nyota Ride and ride like a star

Installing the app is easy, just follow these steps

  1. Download Nyota Ride application from the app store – Click to download Android and iOS
  2. Install the application and ensure you enable location permissions
  3. Open the app and register within one minute
  4. Nyota Ride zooms you to your location automatically. Type your destination and hit GO!

Based on distance travelled and time, you will get an alert at the end of your journey on how much you are to pay. A receipt will be emailed to you as well….so ensure you register with a valid email address.

To be a driver with Nyota Ride, follow these steps:

  1. Download Nyota application from the app store – Click to download Android and iOS
  2. Install the application and ensure you enable location permissions
  3. Open the app and register within one minute. Choose DRIVER in the options displayed
  4. You will get a settings screen where you set your contact details.
  5. Choose your vehicle type – e.g., Standard Saloon or SUV
  6. Then comes the FREEDOM – Choose how much you want to charge your customers per distance or time – e.g., Ksh 35/km or Ksh 15/min. Ensure you become competitive. The freedom is yours, but, remember NOT TO OUTPRICE YOURSELF OFF THE MARKET.
  7. Wait for a few minutes/hours for Nyota to verify your details.
  8. Nyota charges you Ksh 40 for every trip you make rather than taking a percentage of your returns. At the end of each week, drivers can then remit whatever balance to Nyota Ride (All rides within and around Eldoret town on Nyota Ride are free of charge for drivers until August 18th, 2017)
  9. Click on the “GO ONLINE! And you are ready for business.

No Uber in Eldoret? No worries! Download and install Nyota Ride mobile app today and experience travel convenience.

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