Nyota Ride App has a solution to the Uber, Little Cab and Taxify problem


Request for a taxi. A list of drivers is provided who have accepted your request, and it is for you to choose them based on price, proximity, rating among other options – a presentation on how Nyota Rides works

Uber, Little Cab and Taxify operators have been on the streets for the better part of this week petitioning their managers for better terms.

Their main grievance is the rates. They are seeking better rates for the services they offer. Among them are a reduction of the commission charged from 25% to 15% and increase of cost per KM to 60 shillings from the current 40 shillings per KM

The three taxi-hailing platforms, Uber, Little Cab and Taxify have been accused of keeping their rates low to the detriment of the drivers who claim to have incurred a lot of costs to comply with the conditions, even up to taking loans to purchase new vehicles.

Unbeknownst to many is that the little known Eldoret based taxi-hailing app, Nyota Ride had the foresight of the looming danger of dictating prices for the market and sought to nip it by letting the market decide the most suitable prices.

On the Nyota Ride app, the driver gets to decide the amount they want to charge their customers. The drivers have the liberty to set their base fare, their cost per kilometre and their waiting fee as they see fit. Also, they are not charged a percentage of their earnings by the platform operator as commission, which essentially means the drivers pay as they earn. Nyota Ride charges a standard 40 shillings every time a driver uses the app.

Drivers may decide to charge exorbitant amounts at first, but over time they will adjust their prices to meet the market demands.

Have you tried Nyota Ride yet? Download it on your mobile phone today and request for a ride.

Android: https://goo.gl/xRQWFy
Apple: https://goo.gl/qbP2AC


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