#ThursdayMusings: Nairobi Culture Shock

Joanne Misik Nairobi Culture


Joanne Misik Nairobi Culture

There is much more I am yet to get used to about Nairobi – Joanne Misik

Tell you what, A few months ago when I was at my lowest, a great opportunity presented itself and for the very first time I grabbed it by the horns, and just ran along with it. How that is going so far, is a story for another day but, I cannot even begin to tell you how difficult that was for me. I always said that Nairobi was the very last place I would ever settle in, but hey, look at God… Gives you a great opportunity outside your comfort zone, I want to tell you about the culture shock that I got here, dude!!! Nairobi is so different from Eldoret. Grab some popcorn; this here is my version of, Write-flix and Chill.

My early mornings in Eldoret was 7 am to 8 am, very early, when you walk to town at that time you feel like Chris Kirubi, Like you have made it, Mann come to Nairobi, and you can’t even make it to town if you wake up at 7 am. People here don’t sleep…as much. People wake up early, some to beat the traffic and others to beat calories, either way, you are always on your feet, always on the move.

Don’t even let me talk about the pollution, let me not talk about the dirt, and sewage bursts we have that too in my hometown although Nairobi is crazier, but, let us talk about the noise pollution! My Guy! Even the most beat matatu will have its own screens and speakers on full blast, If my ears by now are not exhausted, then they are on its way to depletion, like for real. And, Mann do you know like the first time I took a ‘bus’ to south B, The screen had a very explicit video on, and I was just thinking about what would have happened if my mum was there and there is this naked ass wiggling at her face??? Uuhgghh, I cringe at the thought. I guess I will get used to this; eventually, I hope?

I am lucky that traffic is the least of my problems, but I was not spared on the cost of living. And take notes, this is where I miss Eldoret. It could probably be because of the estate I am living in, but generally, I Still think Nairobi is expensive, double-double, everything on a high but on your luckiest day triple or more. Nothing is ever satisfactorily a good cost, but then they say when you go to Rome, do as Romans do, so here I am. Spending double on My house, My hair, My nails, My investments even my emotions! Was I in Eldoret I think I would be walking on air, and I would consider myself rich, you know.

Joanne Misik Nairobi Culture

This is me, In Nairobi. This is me getting by – Joanne Misik

I live like a Nairobian now, spending so much on so little but I get by anyway. But Time is still that ghost that looks over your shoulder and pins you down like no one’s business. We always seem to run out of time, not enough time to sleep, to work out, to work, to do anything. Take for instance the weekend (not the hot musician), the actual weekend, when you are having a good time, you blink and Monday morning is here. Anyway, I don’t mind Mondays because I love my job, but you get the point.

There is much more I am yet to get used to about Nairobi, but so far, this place is becoming a home. In equal measure to negativity, there is also a lot of positive vibes, Nairobi is a place that when it becomes home, you will almost never want to go back home.

The warm spirit, the triple rewards for the double effort you put in, the quality of services and the many many beautiful places and faces that you get to experience make an effort worthwhile.

This is me, In Nairobi. This is me getting by.




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