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Naiberi River Campsite Resort: The Ultimate Get Away

Looking for the ultimate get away spot this festive season, Naiberi River Campsite and Resort is just the place. Now this past weekend I found myself at Naiberi as the locals call it and I should say it was beyond my expectations. Worth mentioning is that this wasn’t my first time at Naiberi but it couldn’t have been more different than the first time I visited the resort.

Cave like walk way

The ultimate get away
Eldoret is a relatively small town and most hang out spots are located in and around the town making them less convenient for a getaway. If you want to go out with a spouse or  a few friends to unwind and have time to yourselves Naiberi will work for you. You will not run into workmates or maybe an ex lover or any riff raff that will end up taking from the time you set for your significant other.

Fire Place Lounge

Naiberi is 16 kilometers from Eldoret Town on your way to Kaptagat and 400 meters from the tarmac. ‘Naiberi is situated on a hilly forest tribal land, which was once home to members of the ancient Sirikwa tribe. Preserved on the site are excavations with stone sides, commonly called Sirikwa holes, which are believed to have been roofed and occupied by the inhabitants of a bygone age.’
The Epitome of Serenity and Ambiance
Naiberi is an adventure of sorts, from the gate you walk into a maze of what looks like a cave that runs a few meters into the heart of the resort, it’s always an interesting experience no matter how many times you go through it.
Naiberi Campsite and Resort occupies a vast amount of land and has a river running right through it, there is also a lot of vegetation that has been persevered for ages with the aim of making the area serene and also encourage birds to nest around the resort. Any bird watchers, nature lovers and  photographer would love a day in Naiberi.
The staff at Naiberi are hospitable and professionals when it comes to service delivery.  Even more interesting about Naiberi is that apart from the local cuisines they also offer a wide array of Indian dishes which is delicious to say the least.

Pool and Pub

Naiberi is a Camper’s paradise, there are open grounds for campers. The grounds are situated a few meters away from the resort ensuring that the campers enjoy the full outdoor experience.  Tents and all the necessities for camping are provided.  The vast open fields at Naiberi are also used as team building grounds.
Naiberi River and Campsite.

Campers Paradise

There is a waterfall swimming pool that is comfortable for all. There is a designated area for children as well as adults.
The only downside to Naiberi is that there is little to no phone reception. You might find it almost impossible to connect to the internet or even make a call. Personally I didn’t find that a tad bothering since the point of going to Naiberi was to get away. However, for others it would mean a lot of missed opportunities.
This festive season make a point of visiting Naiberi River and Campsite for an experience of a life time.
For more details visit Naiberi official website
FYI: In 2009 Bill Gates, Founder and Owner of Microsoft visited and slept at Naiberi River and Campsite.
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