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Myth or Fact? 6 Myths Debunked About Coronavirus

Things are getting noticeably dampened by the outbreak of Coronavirus with the number of confirmed cases at 31 with one death and one recovery at the time of writing this article. As the virus continues to spread so are the misconceptions around its prevention and cure which only add to the growing confusion. These myths are mainly spread on social media through memes and video pop clips, here are five top myths on COVID – 19;

Myth 1 : Gargling Warm Water Eliminates The Virus.

Gargling warm water is good for your throat helps with tonsillitis and sore throat, but hey it does not destroy, kill or eliminate Coronavirus😟. Now, I know everyone at least has a meme on the blue glowing man.

The meme states that before the virus enters the lungs it stays on our throats for four days and that drinking lots water and gargling with warm water and salt or vinegar will kill the virus. It further advises that you could save lives by sharing the information, but i am here to tell y’all ISSALIE you should not waste your time sending that to fam and numerous wozzap groups.

P/S, hydration is important but water is definitely not the cure to Corona

Myth 2: We Should All Wear Face Masks To Avoid Contracting The Virus😷

This myth has seen a lot of people rush to buy face masks, some even using scarves 🤦🏼‍♀️ . Face masks should only be worn by people who want to protect others against contracting the virus and medics attending to patients. If you are healthy and symptom free then there’s no need to wear a face mask! Regular hand washing is the best defence that. you and I have against contracting the deadly virus

Myth 3: Relax Youngins,  It Only Kills The Elderly… Not true!

Many have been claiming that the disease only kills older people because they have a weak immune system. Yes, the virus is opportunistic and has caused severe illness, and deaths mainly in older people, particularly those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, this doesn’t mean young people haven’t been affected by the disease as well. The truth is they too are affected and may die if proper care is not provided.

The problem is proper care may be hard to come by in these tough times. therefore it is important for the youth to protect themselves and protect the ones that are most vulnerable in the society. Let’s face it we all have an older person in our families, lets take care of them.

African American nurse holding patient’s hand

Myth 4: Hand Sanitizer Is More Effective In Fighting The Virus Compared To HandWashing With Soap.

The widespread fear of contracting Coronavirus saw people rush to purchase sanitizers in supermarkets seeing it as their major defense. I remember being told that they were out of stock after asking in a supermarket in town even before the first case was confirmed in Kenya. On the same day I happened to be in a hotel in town with a friend and as the norm of late the guard had a bottle of sanitizer. What shocked me is how misinformed people are, guys would get the sanitizer from the guard rub it in real nice then rinse it off.

Health experts have confirmed that hand washing with soap is the most effective way to prevent the virus. Sanitizers should only come in handy when one cannot access soap and water. Soap is humble, ancient, cheap and effective. In this case all soaps are effective whether liquid or solid, scented or unscented.






Myth 5: Africans Are Immune To The Deadly Virus.

This narrative has mainly been spread due to the fact that Africa has registered low cases of contraction of the virus. However this does not make it true that we are immune to the virus. There have been a number of confirmed cases even in our country so stay woke people! The virus spreads and doesn’t pick on race or skin color. This also applies to recovery of patients, the government has reported one recovery case in Kenya while there are more than 100,000 cases worldwide including patients from different races. We are in this together hence the reason why the virus is termed to be a global pandemic.

  Myth 6: Chewing on Garlic cures Corona Virus…. False 

First of all eating raw garlic does not sound appealing at all😕 but many have suffered through the discomfort of eating it due to it’s numerous anti infection remedies. Garlic is often recommended for  helping with flu, coughs and sore throat. Perhaps the fact that this symptoms are some what related to the some of the Corona Virus symptoms is what’s making people have ideas that garlic could cure the virus. This myth has been particularly spread through Facebook posts by people who are armed with nothing but speculative knowledge on the virus. Also, there have been no confirmed cases of people who have been cured by simply chewing on garlic.


 In such times most people want to feel like they are in control of the situation and that they are taking all possible measures to prevent them from getting the virus. On the other hand others just want to take the masses on a ride. My judgement is some feel like simply washing their hands with soap and water isn’t enough because we do it all the time, but hey science says so! The best thing you could do for you and others right now is stay home and wash your hands with soap 🧼 for at least 20 seconds. You could also help debunk such myths by hitting people with the facts and not sending misleading posts.

#StaySafe and wash your hands.

Cynthia Muthama

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