Must Watch Movies Of 2022

If you ask me, I think film is the greatest form of art to have ever been invented. It combines all the art forms; dance, music, paintings, fashion, you name it. Films are there for you really through all seasons. When you are sad, you can put on a comedy and instantly feel better. Wanna smash a crush? Netflix and chill. Need a date night activity? Easy, find a fire movie. Looking for inspiration? You have the likes of Look Mom I can Fly and The Big Leap. Wanna upgrade your style? There are hundreds of fashion forward movies to draw from; Emily in Paris, Sex In The City, Grown.ish… Dealing with career, love, or life issues? Just put on All American or Younger and you will instantly get clarity.

Movies ride hard. But I will be the first to admit, they don’t make them like they used to. Remember the good old days of Prison Break? 💭 Kitu inakukeep glued days and nights merge into one. I miss such films. Nevertheless, there are some pretty interesting films that have been released that are worth watching. Let’s get right into it.

Must Watch Movies of 2022

1.Inventing Anna

Hands down, best series I’ve watched in 2022. It’s a drama miniseries that combines crime, fashion, money, love, friendship, and betrayal. The lead of this phenomenal Shonda Rhimes production is a brilliant 24 year old female (power to the movement🤗💪) called Anna who is broke but pretends to be a rich German heiress and cons her way into the most exclusive clubs, resorts, fashion shows, and hotels. She even gets some of the biggest players of Wallstreet to back up her dream of opening the most exclusive art gallery to ever exist. It’s fascinating and can teach you important lessons when it comes to making money and getting the dream life. It was released on 11th February and has 9 episodes.

2. Power Book II Season 2 and Power Book IV

It took me forever to get on the Power bandwagon coz I always thought it was overrated but once I actually gave it a shot, mind-blowing stuff. Although power book II season 2 premiered in November 21st, episode 6 to 10 were released in 2022 .

Book II is a personal follows the life of Ghost’s son Tariq St. Patrick after he kills his father. He is now trying to balance school, his drug dealing, and dating all while trying to save what is left of his family. He gets sloppy,maybe due to the overwhelming circusmtances he’s dealing with and gets into a lot of trouble. It is fascinating to watch the man he has become and see him try to weave his way out of the trickiest of situations. His girlfriend together with his canonical studies professor rat him out to the cops and he ends up losing custody of his small sister. Lorentz Tehada is out of prison and back eager to run his drug operations which doesn’t sit well with alot of people including his wife Monet whose secrets come to life. Brilliant movie this one.

Power Book IV released on 6th Feb has Tommy Eagan leave NY after Ghost’s murder. His new destination? Chicago and he plans to be the biggest drug lord in the town. Whether this will come true we are yet to know as the series only has 4 episodes so far.

3. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

Hotel Transylvania movies are usually bangers and the 4th sequel released on 14th Jan is no different. It’s laugh out loud funny and covers real life issues like the need to be accepted and the importance of putting ourselves in each others shoes before jumping to judgement. Dracula and his friends are transformed into humans while Johnny becomes a monster. Of course this is the doing of evil genius Van helsing who now lives with them. The characters have to journey through dangerous terrains to recover a gemstone that can switch them back into their original bodies before the transformation is permanent.

4. Scream

Horror movie lovers, this one would be perfect for you guys. The 2022 scream is the 5th installment of the wildly gory film. The terror is throat slashing and raw ýet you will find yourself laughing in between the scenes. Such juxtaposing mastery. The film follows a teenager by the name Tara who is attacked and stabbed to an inch of her life by a mysterious voice. Her estranged sis comes back to town together with her boyfriend to investigate and take care of her but they have no idea the ordeals that await.

5.In From The Cold

In from the cold, released on Jan 28th is a riveting Thriller/ Investigative flick. A divorced mother finds herself abducted by the CIA. Turns out she is an ex Russian Spy who was bio engineered. The CIA want to use her to investigate a bunch of attacks happening but she insists she is just an ordinary mother who’s very into her boring suburban life. That is until they put her to the test and her true nature shines through. Story builds momentum right from its opening minutes and again, boss woman in the lead. I love to see that. The series has 8 episodes which you should get on right away.

Movies Yet To Be Released That You Should Watch Out For

It’s going to be a busy year for the film industry and a dizzying amount of movies are to be released this year. I am especially excited the second release of the cult classic Avatar 2 which comes out in December. Puss in Boots, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Pinocchio, Turning Red, Blazing samurai, Spiderman, and Bat man will also be released during the course of 2022. Minions, Thor, Bullet Train are other movies up on the roster. Check out the full list here.

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