Movie Of The Week: Mad Dogs

To all series lovers March comes bearing gifts, this month sees the resume of some of the highest rated Series in today’s time. Top of the list being Empire which has been highly anticipated since it halted production for Christmas break in December 2015 at S2 Episode 10.

Part 2 Series of Empire Season 2 kicks off 30th March 2016

Along with Empire here is what to expect this month on the Series realm.

Quantico is a must watch sequel if you like to play cop

Rosewood -March 2nd

Quantico – March 6th

Once Upon A Time-March 6th.

Agents of Sheild- March 8th

Nashville (ABC)-March 16th

Empire-March 30th

Movie of the Week: MAD DOGS

Mad Dogs is a show about a group of friends who take a trip to Belize to visit one of their rich friends where they encounter a series of unfortunate events. MAD DOGS is a binge watch serial. So far the series is ten episodes long and will almost assuredly leave you at the edge of your seat at the end of each episode.

Watch what happens when things take an unexpectedly dark turn.

The reception of Mad Dogs has been more than pleasant as it received high ratings on many platforms

IMDB: 7.6/10

TV.COM: 8.6/10

MetaCritic: 64%

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