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Moovers Entertainment Bigger And Better After Split From Timba

Many expected Moovers Entertainment were done for or would atleast struggle for a while after split from Club Timba. Turns out they landed on their feet and they are bigger and better than ever. The split which took place in December was announced via a written statement by Jeff Moovers, the owner of the entertainment group.

Since then they’ve gone ahead to secure gigs all over town all the way upto Kitale, and host one of the finest events E Town has had; Summer Fest. For those who are not conversant with Moovers Entertainment, they are clubs and event promoters in North Rift and Western Kenya. And Below is their transition.

The Transition Of Moovers Entertainment After Timba Split

Summer Fest

Their first big move after the split was hosting Summer Fest which was epic! Like crazy epic. The event took place at Monarch Gardens on the 21st of Dec and the setting was out of this world.

It featured famous Gengetone group Bondocks Gang and top entertainers In the industry including @djtibzkenya, @thecremedelacreme, @djjoemfalme, @hitsrepublic254 djz, @mcnick254, @mcemmahkenya, @djnavel.kenya and @mr_mims_254.

Sunday School At Blue Lounge

8 days later, they were at it again at my new favorite place in town Blue Lounge. I arrived at around 3 p. M and was shocked by the huge turn up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd that huge during the day at Blue Lounge. They sure can pull a crowd.

I left a bit early, at around 9 because I was tripping and my eyes could barely see. I blame the Mixologist🙄 @Sheldon. If you see him tell him ye si mpoa (attaching his photo below). He is a threat to sobriety and human existence in general🤣.

Still, even then people were still grooving and more trickling in.

Sunday School is a regular gig that will be happening every Sunday. It will feature a line up of Moovers Entertainment finest Djs playing old school jams so if you are a fan, you know where to be.

Moovers Entertainment Jump Off

On 31st December Moovers Entertainment hosted two Jump Off parties.

Jump off party by Moovers Entertainment on 31st December

One was at The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant and Restaurant and the other at Blue Lounge.  I wasn’t around but from the pictures, it was lit like a MF.

Other Gigs Moovers Entertainment Have Secured

Apart from the above mentioned activities, Moovers Ent have managed to secure themselves several other gigs in and out of town.

Every Tuesday they will be at The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant, Rupa’s branch, hosting karaoke night.

Every Wednesday you can find them in Kitale at Belasco Platinum.

Last but not least, every Friday, find them at Sque Lounge aka Simba Village aka Relax Inn.

Not to forget of course Sunday School at Blue Lounge that I had mentioned earlier.

With all that in mind, I think it’s suffice to say they are doing good for themselves. Sealing deals, securing gigs, breathing life to North Rift’s entertainment scene, getting paper… Looks like 2020 will be a good year for Moovers Entertainment.

Photo and video credits for this piece go to Kreate Photography Kenya.

Stephanie Maiyo

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