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#MiskMusings : The Forbidden Magnet

True Joy

“She annoys me to death, we don’t even sleep in the same bed, our marriage is practically over.” a Bunch of truths or lies told by some married partners to their beloved side dishes. A lot has been told, a lot of adjectives used all in a bid to convince you to make them happy outside the said marriage. The joke is on you later because you’ll see them holding hands later or taking vacations as a Family.

Marriage is just an instance. I have more tales of how forbidden fruit seems to taste better. Why do the best ones have to be taken? Many a times we see them happy, and we believe that would have been us. We even have very many reasons to convince one that this married guy is in love with me, not her/ him. So many reasons that act as cushions to shield us from the truth.

So, the book I am reading is almost on the same line, a tale of unrequited love, and steaming passion and desire from a third party speaks of betrayal, pain and the forbidden. And on a sincerity grounds, a reality ought to be laid out in the open, If someone is not meant for you that’s just about it.

No, this piece is for those whose knees weaken at the sight of him, but they fake a walking style to walk past them.

Well, this piece is not for you if you are content with being the second fiddle, it is not for those comfortable with the shared love, it’s not for those who believe in cold wars and loving it, it’s not for those who still want to fight for what is not theirs. No, this piece is for those whose knees weaken at the sight of him, but they fake a walking style to walk past them. It is for those who believe in their hearts that “he/she was meant for me’ but the universe had a better idea, Those who still have love in their hearts but try to turn the odds to benefit the next person, someone who respects that other relationship/Marriage.

Everybody has someone

This piece is for you.

He was yours then, he may still be yours now, but he won’t entirely be yours. He will go home to someone else. He will always think and care much more for someone else. I know the thought of him makes your heart bubble with joy. The thought of his love, his presence makes your knees weak and fills your tummy with Butterflies, but he really ain’t yours. He is not yours, remember that every time you think of calling him ‘to say hi’ think of that every time you want to run into his arms for solace you believe only he can give. Remember that he ain’t yours every time you believe there are reasons for loving you enough. Don’t you forget.

They say, Do not give an excuse for doing what is wrong, Find your own Partner, and you will understand why you had to let go.

Be strong, I will not condemn you because emotions, feelings, can be alluring and basically deceiving, I will only ask you to walk away because it is not right, not in any ways possible and especially not in God’s eyes.


I’m not sure about Polygamy; it’s not something I have touched about or something I would want to touch on, but if you want to be a second wife, the decision rests with you, but if you think he will leave his wife for you? You are in for another thing coming,

Carry your heart on your palm and take your heel before it reaches a time where you will try to take your heel with no heart at all.

Beware, my daughter, beware, my sister. Guard your heart.


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