Misik Musings: Humility or Public Relations…?

HE DP William Ruto and Governor Mandago enjoying some Kuku at a local kiosk

I’ll tell you the life of a commoner; He who wakes up to go to work each day, he doesn’t want to get to work late because he can’t risk upsetting the boss.

The boss who has the capacity to raise a finger and someone is fired or hired. So he gets to work earlier and diligently get to work, alas! Before he knows it, he is done with work by mid-morning, and all that’s left to do is go through his Facebook messages and Instagram, double tapping any smiley photo that crosses his feed. Is it lunch time yet? He gets ready to leave, but everyone else is firmly rooted to their chairs as their eyes are fixed on their desktops, they are probably doing the same thing he was doing, it gives the boss the impression that everyone is working really really hard. 2 hours to lunch time, yet his mind has already drifted to members or the Kuku joint, and he can’t wait to get his hands on that Ugali. After what seems like Eternity, Lunchtime arrives, and he heads off to satisfy the hunger pangs.

The story of our lives, Members, for example, is a receptor of all people during lunch, from all walks of life, why? Maybe because it is affordable and their food; mostly traditional delicacies, are over the top. So now the other week we were treated to a ‘spectacle’ as our very able deputy of state and our governor satisfied their hunger in some Kuku joint. These guys are in their hometown, they can eat anywhere, they’ve probably eaten there before when no one knew their names.

Why is it such a big deal now? Maybe because they are now prominent people and they might as well have eaten at any five star, but they chose mama’s humble abode? Fair enough, that’s an argument in itself, so right maybe it is humility. Just maybe.

However, that said; Prominent people are just people like you and me, people who just happen to be appointed our leaders or those individuals who have done something notable and have then rose to fame. These people are celebrities of sorts; their lives are different than ours. But Humility is not a one-day thing, humility will be seen without much effort, and humility cannot be defined by just a single act that is blown out of proportion, no, Humility is a virtue that departs NOT a person despite their social status and prominence.

I’m not saying that the act of eating at that ‘kibanda’ was not humility, it was, by all means but let’s not be so blinded by the image someone else crafts for us to see. Let us judge a person basing on many other interactions and situations.

The way you treat people at the moment, the way you handle different situations as at now is what will earn you the ‘throne of kings/queens’ in someone’s heart.

Be humble always not just when the cameras are rolling.

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