Minicheps Talks New Media and the Evolution of Advertising

An illusion image of Minicheps' face potrait
Catherine Jepkemboi ( Minicheps) is the creative behind the viral content of her miniature self in different environments and most recently a pulse influencer award winner for the visual arts category,

In recent years, nothing is more valuable than the power to influence.  Utilizing new media has become a high-stakes game that has changed the way we perceive advertising. Brands are now moving to not only winning by every metric but also having the power to change the attitude and behavior of their audience.

 Recent statistics prove that 70% of internet users want to get information about products through content instead of traditional advertisements. Consequently, 72% of the overall marketing budget gets to be put toward digital marketing channels. Therefore it’s something to pay attention to as we move to 2023.

With that said, therefore, the combination of creativity, followers, and buzz is what makes the visionary Catherine Jepkemboi known as Minicheps one of the best influencers of our time, especially from Eldoret. As the brain behind the viral content of her miniature self in different environments and most recently a pulse influencer award winner for the visual arts category, I couldn’t think of someone better to talk to!

And with just a few days shy of 2 years since her breakthrough as a visual artist and content creator; Minicheps had the following insights on the different factors affected.

New media on Budgets

Let’s talk budgets, shall we? When traditional media reigned, small businesses were almost irrelevant due to the high costs of advertising. The rise of digital media, however, has provided a new set of rules that gives flexibility in terms of advertising costs.

“Companies are now investing more money in digital media marketing. I can say it is effective because at any budget a company/business can invest in it. It could be through growing their audience or perhaps through paid advertising or better yet, influencer marketing. Luckily each of those can be broken down further to fit into particular budgets.  Influencer marketing for example can further range from mini influencers, and micro to macro influencers depending on your pocket. The opportunities are limitless.”

Influencers in the era of digital media

What you are selling is indeed only as good as your ability to influence potential consumers toward it.  I bet you’ve at one point come across sponsored content while browsing the internet. Well, it is a marketing strategy as well.

“For now, brands don’t just approach influencers just because of numbers. Nowadays there are categories as well as certain factors they see. Some consider age. An influencer aged 25 years and below can better influence an audience of that age group. Additionally, are different content categories like food, fashion, etc. One’s  craft as an influencer has to match the product that a company is trying to sell.”

In addition to that, not only does influencer marketing impact the perception of the product but the brand as well. Something that traditional media was not able to do. The ability to connect directly to the source has changed the way we think about brands themselves. They are no longer far-off corporations but our friends.

Use of phones

In as much as content creation has never eased on me because of the nature of my craft; it does not necessarily command as much equipment

” In as much as content creation has never eased on me because of the nature of my craft; I feel that other digital creators’ ability to use their phones to create as well as edit content and put it out does not necessarily command as much equipment. With that said, therefore, new media barriers to entry into the space are far less, while returns can be very rewarding.”

Not only have new technologies eased the process of content creation and marketing, but also access by consumers is now easy as well. The content forms are more or less tailored to their convenience. An example is the content suitability to be accessed on mobile phones.

Target Audience

Where the influence lives, is ever shifting; and so does the audience. Targeted advertising is a big part of new media and is one of those determinants you need to get right for the advertising to be effective.

Platforms such as Tiktok can be recognized as mostly Gen-Z oriented. However, blogs and websites remain the best place to create awareness and target new audiences. The nature of the content also, to a higher percentage is determined by the desired target market, which makes it more effective in terms of influence.

Interactivity/ Engagement

If your business is the purpose of being online, then few things remain as important as feedback. Now that’s one of the new media’s most popular advantages. Replacing the one-way adverts on traditional platforms, brands online are now able to interact one on one with the market, hence improving customer preferences and satisfaction.

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