MENTORSHIP: The Tale of a Young Song Bird

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Be a mentorI’m not saying that we(my generation) was born at the right time, the generation before mine seem to think the same of theirs so it really is a battle far from being won. To note is the gradual change from generation to generation, preferences and tastes regarding music, dressing, thoughts, lifestyle, etc. I somehow seem to think that it is getting worse by the day, mainly because of the dynamic world, more and more we seem to be losing our identity and without proper guidance, our children might just lose it.

So during the weekend, I attended an environmental Day at Loreto High, Matunda. We went there as FABWIL foundation and got our hands dirty to keep our land green, in other words, we went to plant trees together with the Environmental and The Young Farmers Club. Most Fulfilling experience ever, need I add. So then I met this young lady, with the most amazing voice, when she sang all went still, even the birds stopped chirping to try and figure out who their competitor was. No, really, she has an amazing voice, and she doesn’t even try too hard, her voice is as natural as it can be.

So I told her to find me before I leave so that we can talk; honestly, I didn’t have an idea of what to say to her, all I knew was that she needed to be aware of the enormous talent in her possession. Man, she was amazing! I realized later that she even writes her songs, and this is where the lessons started, and I told her to take care of her songs, to protect her songs and not disclose it to everyone who promises to help her out. I’m not teaching her to be skeptical; I am enlightening her and teaching her about cautiousness and putting her trust in God as opposed to people.Meet People

She plays instruments; Guitar and piano, I’m most certain that there is more… she told me of the various promises that have been made to her, so much she has ever been featured on the Television and newspapers before when she emerged position 1 country wide in a certain singing competition. She tells me how the organizers promised her heaven only to disappear into thin air. She tells me of how many promises she’s heard before and how she is almost losing hope. This lady, she is ambitious, besides Music, she has a dream of pursuing Mass Communication but is worried because she has been told before of how that career path is so crowded, but I’m like which isn’t?

So I realized that there are so many young people out there in need of guidance and mentorship. Many a time we judge them harshly because of their shady behaviours and shallowness but then it’s not even their fault, they are just deficient of guidance. They are living their lives the best way they know how to; can we blame them? Times are different, so is everything else, can we go back to basics? Can we be the ones to provide guidance and support to our children, siblings, neighbours instead of letting the media take charge?

We blame media for every single thing; I know it is getting boring right? But then if generation ‘x’ is deprived of guidance then any means of getting it goes, they are very sharp, they will see and imitate. It’s about time that we take charge, it’s about time we encourage these kids.

I believe the right way to guide them is through mentorship, walk with them in their journey, let them confide in you, let them trust you. Let them share their fears and limitations, their dreams and fantasies. And you should be there for them to love them, listen to them, encourage them, train them to be problem solvers, motivate and inspire them to go after their dreams and shoot for the stars.Who is a mentor

It is a fact that mentorship is not easy, maybe that’s why when these promise makers are left alone with their mentee’s they flee. Mentorship is much more, it’s about sacrifice and hand holding and inspiring someone, it is a lot to do, but the results will give you a satisfaction only you can tell about.

One man/woman can change the world; we can create a powerful generation only by holding that one hand and someone else holding another. These are our future leaders, and it is up to us to ascertain that their future is bright, Let us help them light their little light when they eventually learn to walk on their own then darkness will be a thing of the past.

Hold a hand today and let us make a change, One Youngster at a time and the world is already a better place.


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