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#MCM; Majirani Alias Tom Watimah

Hit Maker Majirani, also known as Tom Watimah makes our #MCM this week. He is known for his massive hits ‘Hivi Ndio Kunaendanga’ and ‘Tukumbukeko’. In the ‘Tukumbukeko’ video he shouts out his former hood Kamkunji, Eldoret where he used to live before the fame and fortune.

Majirani is a jack of many trades, he is currently a student at Moi University pursuing a degree in IT. He is also a cash crop farmer where he has a 10 acre plantation that he tends to and is finally a full time entertainer. We sought for Majirani in a bid to find out how he does everything that he does. Give it up for Majirani…

Majirani: A true bad boy who keeps it really all day no faking

Majirani: A true bad boy who keeps it really all day no faking

Joanne: We know you as Majirani, but who is Majirani?

Majirani: Majirani is a true bad boy who keeps it really all day no faking am just me I love music not forgetting all my neighbours


Joanne: You are a musician/farmer/student how do you make time for all of this?


Majirani: I get time for all that because none of it requires my presence every time I visit my farm once every month I do online learning and lastly  I do my performances during the weekend so it’s manageable


Joanne: The music scene has been very receptive to your music, evidently from the hit tracks that you have released. Did you expect it to work out that way?


Majirani: I Believe I know what my fans want so I always try to give them what they want and remember mine is to sing hits are made by fans not artists



Joanne: Being young and famous comes with its set of challenges, how do you manage to stay on top of things?


Majirani: I always stay on top because I value and respect those who made me (fans)


Joanne: Do you like the Fame and all that comes with it? Would it change you or has it?


Majirani: Like I said I’m always me I never change. Fame came yeah, and it came at the right time so I know how to handle it I can just say am happy but not overwhelmed


Joanne: Where do you see yourself in five years?


Majirani: Five years from now, I don’t know. All I know my fans haven’t had the best of me yet. I’m just starting, more is yet to come (tell my haters to join this vehicle or start running lol)


Joanne: What is your day like, say a weekend?


Majirani: My weekend is always hectic am always traveling or training for my gigs.


Joanne: Do you have an embarrassing moment, what was it?


Majirani: Embarrassing moments? No, I take everything normal


Majirani: Most people don’t know how much I love God.


Joanne: What is the one thing that most people don’t know about you?


Majirani: Most people don’t know how much I love God


Joanne: What’s your feeling on ‘Game of Thrones’?


Majirani: Game of thrones Kenya has fake Kings who can’t even defend their thrones. Lemme shut up lol


Joanne: If you were a superhero. Who would you be?


Majirani: Superhero, ha-ha no. I don’t deal in imaginations I love reality.


Joanne: What Zodiac sign are you, what do you find most interesting about the sign. 


Majirani: Leo. It’s interesting because it talks much about me…


Joanne: iOS or Android?


Majirani:  iOs


Joanne: Men love Machines (Cars). Which car do you drive right now. Or which car tickles your fancy?


Majirani: I would rather invest in plots of land rather than move around with big machines to impress people.


Joanne: I read somewhere that you are not in a relationship at the moment. What are the three qualities of the Ideal girl for you?


Majirani: Honest girls turn me on. That’s all I need, I’m not looking for miss Kenya I just need a simple and honest lady.


Majirani: I miss hanging out with my boyz in the ghetto. (Kunji)

Joanne: When you are in Nairobi and in other places what do you miss most about your home town. Eldoret?


Majirani: I miss hanging out with my boyz in the ghetto. (Kunji)


Joanne: Many youth look up to celebrities like you that have worked hard and made it out. What words of advice do you have for them?

Majirani: Life has no shortcuts you have to work hard my friend


Majirani: Life has no shortcuts.

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  1. Interesting read. Kwanza that Game of Thrones response. Looooool.

  2. Majirani big up a lot. The interview was cul,

  3. Work
    Never let go
    Be me

    Lessons learnt

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