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#MCM Diaries: The genius; Emox K’amimo

Meet Emox, a guy whose hands are full with things of interest to him, Talk Entrepreneurship(Involved with Emoxgraffix, and holds an MD position at Eldoret Finest Modelling Agency), Emox is also an artist; graphics design, spoken word and Rap musician. He talks to Eldoret Leo and lets out ‘dits’ on who he is and what he loves.


Joanne: Tell me a bit about yourself.

Emox: I am your to-go-to branding partner, lover of classical literary works, content developer, a full circle artist (sketch, animator, musician, poet, print and motion graphic designer, cinematographer ) , entrepreneur and humanitarian journalist who loves to visualise, imagine, and make mental transformations.

Emoxgraffix is currently working on the first ever made in Eldoret Full Animation Trailer.

Musically they know me as EMOX (Every MicrOphone Xplodes) one of the versatile and fastest rap Kenyan MCees to ever bless the MIC. I took a musical sabbatical though (See www.reverbnation.com/emox)

Joanne: Interesting, so why do you do what you do?

Emox Cinematographer

Lights, Camera, Action… Aside from being a stellar graphic designer, Emox is also a cinematographer

Emox: Dedication. Focus. Ambition. Love for humanity, love for success, passion, money, the need to secure my future generations and client satisfaction pushes me.

Joanne: Five years down the line, let us in your vision.

Emox: Owning a full-fledged top advertising and branding Powerhouse in East and Central Africa.

Joanne: I wish you well. So, tell me what is your day like, say a weekend?

Emox: Allow me to answer this in the reverse nature it is framed. My weekends are different from my weekdays. Weekends I enjoy out of town getaways, old literature and linking up with my connects. Weekdays am engaged in mining new knowledge and working on clients projects. I spend about 15 hours daily on the computer. I am used to sleeping at 2AM and waking up at 5. A dangerous addiction.

Joanne: Do you have an embarrassing moment? Please share.

Emox: We creatives tend to have many, given our upside down nature. I am wired to be weird therefore everyday of non-conventional thoughts and actions is an embarrassment to the sane.

Joanne: What is the one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Emox at the workstation

“I spend 15 hours daily on the computer” – Emox

Emox: That am an extroverted-introvert. Deep inside lies a dark lone ranger who finds refuge in solitude and enjoys shutting the whole world out for days. This despite my bubbly nature in social set-ups.

Joanne: What is that one thing that you never forget to carry when you leave the house?

Emox: My wit with a generous scoop of sarcasm.

Joanne: Haha, nice one. Emox, tell me, if you ruled the world for a day. What would you do?

Emox: Power is sweet; I would stick to it for months haha. Would a day be enough to effect change? I’d just order a G-5 and exquisite rarities of this world, have a sleepless 24 hour airborne party and pray we don’t crush before my reign is over.

Joanne: What is your Zodiac sign and what do you find most interesting about it?

Emox: I am an Aries born March, with a root number of 6, heavily influenced by the energetic Mars; but 24th, my day of birth is cosmically governed by Venus giving a calmer side to the high-octane energy.

What I like most about our bunch is that we are a cocktail of hot-headed deviants mixed with emotional idealism. That makes us perceptive and has good intuition. We display flexible, original thinking; dare to differ, walk over some backs, make waves, challenge traditions, and bend a few rules. Heavens know we hate routine, fancy taking the lead and enjoy independence through which our creative abilities thrive. We are the universe.

Joanne: iPhone or Samsung?

Emox: Some song?? From which musician? I haven’t heard that song yet. iPhone and …That’s like comparing tuktuk with a JEEP, Am an apple enthusiast so , team iPhone any day.


Sam-Sung? I haven’t heard that song

Joanne: eeish, the Luo in you, speaking of which, I understand people have been asking much about you and Akothee, doing her publicity and strongly advocating for her. Are you related to her or is it just work?

Emox: I should have seen this coming. (Laughs)

By the way, have you voted for her? If not there’s still a chance to redeem yourself, please vote for #MadamBoss , #AFRIMMA2016 best female and video of the year. Let’s support our own.
Visit (http://afrimma.com/nominees-2016/)

Well, I have a lot of respect for her; she is a phenomenal being, a trend-setter and a mentor. She has risen above adversity and has perfected the art of silencing nay Sayers with achievement. Clearly there is too much to learn from her.

Joanne: What is your guilty pleasure?

Emox: Travelling, gadgets, and books. I love the thrill of constant movement and new discovery. These can make me go broke.

Emox the go-geter

I like an intelligence woman with a respectful soul trapped in a curvy, wasp-waist body.

Joanne: What are the three characteristics that your ideal lady must possess?

Emox: If I were God I would create an Ideal piece of art for myself, but am a vain mortal so perfection is not what I seek. Intelligence turns me on. Add that to a compassionate, understanding, hard working, strong-willed, respectful soul trapped in a curvy, wasp-waist body with full-lips, sensual eyes and a beautiful face and you will consider me taken.

Joanne: What a list! As an Eldoret resident, what tops your ‘love’ table about E-town?

Emox: The climate and the fact that it is a strong middle-class emerging market given the high number of colleges, campuses and new service industry. Any idea can be turned to money here, any industry can thrive. Disposable income seems to be everywhere.

Joanne: Before you hit 40 years, what is that one thing you’d like to learn or do, the 1 person you’d like to meet, and the one place you’d like to visit.

Emox: Privately Perfect classical Greek, meet Dr. Dre, and visit the great Parthenon.

Joanne: Your parting shots, Sire.

Emox: My brain and brawn I pawn to the highest bidder, my heart and soul I never will. If it’s yours go get it.

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  1. Emox is one tallented and thick headed soul i have ever met… so much creativity and pure ingenuity. He worked on my business and company logo, of which i am totally greatful.

  2. Emox is the best at everything he touches

  3. I know this soul. Finest heart, fastest brain, dangerously sincere and perfect at work. He’s taught me that precision is vital in art as it is in surgery. Oh if we had such souls all round!

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