#MCM Diaries: Young Fathers Special Feature

Mc Nick

Sunday the 19th of June saw the social media filled with heartfelt messages to fathers. Messages of appreciation and Love. Stories were narrated of the strong virtues and personalities and the unique relationship they have with their Fathers. I appreciate mine too, every day.

Mc Nick and Baby Zuriel

This Monday though I find it in my heart to speak of young fathers. Fathers who just got into Parenthood and Have no idea how to go about it, but they just do, somehow.

These are the Real MVPs. When the ‘big talk’ came; ‘Honey, I am Pregnant’ They might have been scared and uncertain, and confused, but they didn’t back out, no, they held their spouses hand and said, “yes! We are going to be parents!’

They probably had long nights of self doubt, but they were there for their partners and when the baby came, they were happy, They didn’t have it all figured out but they held on and put on a brave face.


Maritim Hanging Out With His Son

With the pregnancy came the mixed emotions, moods swings, and cravings of their partners, but they got through all this with their partners. Then came the baby, the first smile, laughter, word, the first step, they were there too. Admirable is the decision they made to be there. Young fathers frequently try to figure it out how best to raise their kids, how to be the best dads; the most supportive, and the best shoulder to lean on, yes these are the fathers I celebrate today.


Young fathers are amazing, they know they have to be better people in order to provide a light for their little ones, each day they wake up is a day to be the best, to make footprints in the sand that their little ones will try to follow suit and really who would want to lead their offspring astray? No one, this is why I celebrate them.

Harun Enjoying Some Special Time With His Kid


Thing about children is that they will look up to the people close to them, they will do what you do and they believe that what you do is right. Imagine the pressure to be the best for the little one. To guide them despite not having a tutorial or prior experience, this, is the real strength.


Truth of the matter is…for many young guys, early parenthood reeks of abandoned dreams and stifled potential. The way the world and our society has it framed is that fatherhood is more of a threat than a promise. But these young fathers defy that and choose to blindly walk in a path they know not much about it, they choose to enjoy fatherhood with all the happy and the challenging moments.

Baba Hakeem And The Little Champ

Now These Men! These Young Fathers, are My #MCMs today. Bless you people.



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