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#MCM Diaries: MC NICK

Mc Nick

Work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself.

He is the whole package, One of the Best MCs in E-town, one of the best Event Organizers, The Legend of dancing, or call him the Father of Dancers, He is a marketer, social media specialist. To top it up, he is set to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in sales and Marketing, Mc Nick is the true Jack of all trades, A man of many hats.

Eldoret Leo caught up with him for an interview, where he ushered us into his world, the interview went as follows;

Joanne: Tell me a little about yourself. (your semi-profile)

Mc Nick: I would describe myself as social, generous, ambitious and a hard working father. I have a handsome baby boy. (baby Jam jam).

Mc Nick emceeing at a wedding

The Ultimate Entertainer emceeing at a wedding

Before emceeing and events, I used to be a dancer, I consider myself as one of the pioneers of dance in Eldoret. We the G-warriors have danced at various prestigious events and have been involved in many competitions; i.e Sakata, groove awards, spa fest.

Joanne: Interesting, so why do you do what you do? (emceeing, events, dancing, etc?)

Mc Nick: For Passion.
Joanne: Short term goals, say 5 years, where do you see yourself?

Mc Nick: I’ll most certainly be one of the most influential people in the world. I believe that in 5 years I wouldn’t have to introduce myself, anywhere I walk in and everyone would just know that Nick is in the building.

Joanne: Describe your typical Day

Mc Nick: On a weekday, I wake up at 6 and get to my daily jog, then attend to my daily activities. I am employed as a sales executive in a Marketing company, so I spend my day executing my duties.

Mc Nick's Wife and Baby Zuriel

Mc Nick’s Wife and Baby Zuriel

Weekend; If I’m not hosting an event then I’m either organizing or managing one.
Sunday is a day for Family, It’s a day to chill with My beautiful wife and my handsome little man Jamari Zuriel.

Joanne: Do you have an embarrassing moment? what was it?

Mc Nick: I don’t remember most of them but it has got to be farting in a classroom. How embarrassing!

Joanne: What is that one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Mc Nick: People think I’m all tough and hard core but I can be emotional.

Joanne: What’s your feeling on the ‘Game of Thrones’.

Mc Nick: Game of thrones is one of the best series ever, I am at season 5 as we speak.

Joanne: If you were a super hero who would you be?

Mc Nick: I love wolverine of X men though I would wish to be superman. That guy is powerful.

Mc Nick Wolverine

Eldoret’s Wolverine

Joanne: What’s your star and what do you find interesting about it?

Mc Nick: Taurus, it is all about strength, Stamina and will. Stubborn by nature,a Taurus will stand his/her ground to the bitter end. (sometimes even irrationally so) but that’s okay because Taurus is also a loving, sympathetic and appreciative.

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Joanne: iPhone or Samsung?

Mc Nick: iPhone anytime.

Joanne: Give me three qualities of an ideal woman for you

Mc Nick: Good personality, Beautiful from inwards to outside and respectful.

Joanne: What do you like most about Eldoret town?

Mc Nick: I love the growth of E-town, I love its peaceful nature and I also love it because it’s not an expensive town to live in.

Joanne: Before you Hit 40 years, what is that one thing you’d like to learn or do, the one person you’d like to meet, the one place that you’d like to visit, and one thing that you’d like to do?

Mc Nick: I’d like to learn how to fly a helicopter. I would like to meet and hug the queen of England. I want to visit the Maldives and do bungee jumping at the Victoria falls in Zambia.

Mc Nick

The World Awaits

Joanne: What are your parting shots?

Mc Nick: Work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself.



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