Denosky is a staunch christian, a leader, MC and Event Organizer

Dennis Gicheru aka Denosky is a Leader, an Entrepreneur, an MC, a spoken word artist and an event planner. Denosky takes pride in his faith, and is a soul totally sold out to Christ, he is a hard worker too and always ascertains a trail of quality and only the best results after him in whatever he does.
I caught up with him and got him to open up about who he is, and what he likes, He’s quite a funny guy if you ask me, enjoy;

Joanne: Tell me a little about yourself.

Denosky: Very well, my name is Gicheru Dennis. I am 12 and 30 years old physically and mentally respectively. (Laughs)

I am a curious person who loves knowing what’s going on around me. I stalk, but in a good way as opposed to the conventional creepy. I mean I love learning from people so most of the time I observe people, how they act, speak, to say the least. (I am most certainly intrigued by human kind.)

I speak much when I become aware of the eagerness someone has to learn from me, I am neither single or married. (Giggles)

Joanne: What do you do?

Denosky: I am an entrepreneur; I used to have a boutique. I am in a different venture right now that entails exporting flowers to Kampala. I export 400-500 Bunches a week.

I am also passionate about Event Planning; I have a company called Taraiiwa Events, we do events planning, Décor and Interior Design. We have done a couple of weddings and engagements this year. Last weekend, we did our first school cultural festival in Loreto Convent Matunda, and our upcoming event will be our first memorial event. Quite interesting I say.

I am also into Missions and Church, I am the youth vice chair in my church and also the chairman of St Mathews arch deacon which consists of 6 Parishes. One Parish has 4-6 Churches.

Denosky Emceeing at an Event

Denosky addressing the youth

I am also a leader of the GENESIS Family. Unashamed Family is a Christ-Centered ministry. We help and equip Youth to serve our God and develop a Christ like Character in people and others according to the pattern Jesus used to train his disciples.

We also organize Monthly Gospel events to support local talent by providing a platform for them to showcase their God given gifts (Music, spoken word, Poetry). We also do school Missions and volunteer work.

Joanne: But why do you do what you do? (emceeing, events, entrepreneurship, missions, spoken word etc?)

Denosky: Simply because I came to a realization that life is too short to do what you don’t love doing. I love creative arts, spoken word is art, events and decor is all about creativity.

Entrepreneurship is all about thinking outside the box. therefore, one needs to be creative and also needs to master his/her art. You have to challenge your goals. Lastly of course is to get food on the table and to pay my bills.

In summary; Love, Passion and to get bills paid.

Joanne: Short term goals, say 5 years, where do you see yourself?

Denosky: My long term goal is on learning, performance and achievement. I am driven by the force to be the best at what I do. I would also like to work with individuals who will help me develop my skills, people that I can really learn from, most innovative guys like Kev Mulei and Chris Kirwa. I really look up to them.

I would love to build my company to be among the leading service provider in the North rift when it comes to events, decor, interior designs. So help me God.

Denosky emceeing at an event

Life is too short to do what you don’t love doing

Joanne: Amen. So Denosky, what’s your day like? Say a weekend

Denosky: Road trips or a cook out with my friends (The Frangos)

Joanne: Do you have an embarrassing moment? What was it?

Denosky: There was a time I organized a Genesis event and invited Sayare Media Team to cover the concert. On the Invite list was also OPTION KENYA, they had an interest of sponsoring the event and to my surprise and utter shock only 5 People turned up for the event. Call it the lowest turn-out of the century. I was so embarrassed in front of my sponsors.

Joanne: What is that one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Denosky: Not one, they are many. I love my space, I love order, I battle with ego issues. I am Resilient but everytime a strong adversity occurs it takes a small piece of me… But I work on it and bounce back as quickly but it takes time to completely overcome it. Oh! I forgot to mention one of my bad habits,
I pay attention to detail and I like knowing, so I do some light stalking…again not in a creepy way.

Joanne: What’s your feeling on the ‘game of thrones’?

Denosky: Is that some game?

Joanne: If you were a super hero who would you be?

Denosky: I love the comic Popeye, the series used to appear on the local dailies…he was an illiterate superhero yet he was capable of coming up to solutions to problems.

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Joanne: What’s your star and what do you find interesting about it?

Denosky: I am not an astronomer, what I know is that the universe is made up of many different types of stars.

Joanne: iPhone or Samsung?

Denosky: I own an Xtigi for now. But for my birthday I will accept iPhone as a gift. We all assume that iPhone users are on a different Level.

Joanne: Give me three qualities of an ideal woman for you


Denosky: I love an intelligent, kind, God fearing and good looking woman

Denosky: Intelligence is an eye candy, make up is not my cup of tea…Physical appearance factors in. God fearing and humble. It narrows down to intelligent, hardworking, kind and attracted to me. A coke bottle figure wouldn’t hurt. Sounds good in theory but we can meet halfway.

Joanne: What do you like most about Eldoret town?

Denosky: it’s the fastest growing town, I love everything here apart from the matatus operating Kapsoya Road.

Joanne: Before you Hit 40 years, what is that one thing you’d like to learn to do, the one person you’d like to meet, the one place that you’d like to visit?

Denosky: Before 40 I want to appear Africa’s 100 most influential list. I want to meet the president of the Dangote group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote… I would Love to visit Facebook hard quarters in California.

Joanne: What are your parting shots?

Denosky: Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.

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