MC Kiptabut embroiled in a sour deal

MC Kiptabut

In a deal gone sour, MC kiptabut one of Eldoret’s most renown MCs and comedians has ended up in court after purchasing an unregistered vehicle from a friend known to many as Abdul Waruinge alias Johnnie. The vehicle in question is suspected to be stolen.

Mc Kiptabut suspected foul play after conducting a search on the vehicle’s registration number several times but no information came up. He later followed up with Johnnie who was unable to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why that was, Johnnie was also unable to refund the MC the 450 thousand shillings paid for the vehicle in question.

Abdul Wariunge
(Johnni) and MC Kiptabut

In a whatsapp message MC Kiptabut narrates ” He’s a friend (Abdul Waruinge) I have used his car several times so couldn’t doubt him. On the 10th of January, I was looking for a car from early Jan and he told me had a good one so went for road test paid him 200k in cash day one.went with the vehicle then day 2 went to a lawyer for last payment of 250k where he wanted all in cash but didn’t want went him 50k mpesa. We did an agreement under a person he claimed had his documents since he had loaned the guy and defaulted payment he nice him having the car and he became the witness after 3days was in nrb for some event and chose to do a search only to fine out that nothing exists into system on asking him he said he can’t give the money and there and then decided to report to the police where he was arrested and taken to court on Monday where he pleaded innocent”

We were able to call Johhnie who responded by saying that he got custody of the vehicle (a subaru) because it was collateral for a loan he had given the owner. He resolved to selling it to recover his money after the owner of the Subaru defaulted on payment, information known to MC Kiptabut. He also explained that he came to realize that the documents and the vehicle’s registration number were fake the same time the MC did.

All in all we hope for a speedy resolution of the misunderstanding.

This comes as a reminder to anyone making a huge purchase to always do their due diligence before committing any payment.

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