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Make Money Driving in Eldoret with Nyota Ride – Here’s how

Make money with Nyota ride

Sign up as a Nyota Ride driver and make extra cash driving around Eldoret

Have a valid license and a car in excellent physical and working condition? Then you can start making money driving people around Eldoret. Sign up to Drive with Nyota Ride today and get started.

Nyota Ride is a socially-powered mobile taxi-hailing app that connects independent contracted-drivers and riders who need to move around Eldoret. Since its launch in late July, the Nyota Ride app has been downloaded by more than 450 people and records multiple ride request a day.

Is Nyota Ride a preferred option to Taxis?

The Nyota Ride experience is different for both drivers and customers. Unlike taxi services, Nyota ride allows its drivers to use their personal vehicles and determine their work schedules. Basically, as a certified driver, whenever you are free, you can just switch on the app. Once you are online, you’ll receive ride request from patrons, accept the request, pick the customer, drive them to their destination and get paid.

How Nyota Ride works

Switch on the app and get notifications from customers needing a ride around your location

Customers as well prefer the smartphone taxi hailing experience due to its convenience and the option to compare rates. Instead of standing on a street corner hailing a taxi, riders use this app conveniently on their phones. When they request a ride, Nyota drivers within the area are notified so they can accept to facilitate the trip and earn some cash.

Nyota Ride simply connects the driver to a rider and cuts all the hustle or getting a customer.

How much money can you make with Nyota Ride?

The rideshare industry in Kenya is highly lucrative as more people prefer catching a ride through a smartphone app. For comparison purposes, drivers in Nairobi using mobile app services earn on average Kes 30,000 a week working 8-12hours a day despite the high commission charges from service providers who take up to 25% of the driver’s earnings.

The beauty about driving for Nyota Ride is the fact that drivers are given full control on pricing. A driver gets to set their rates and can even charge premium rates depending on the car model they drive, time of day or distance covered.

What about Nyota ride commissions? Since the app does all the heavy lifting in regards to providing a seamless interaction between driver and customer, you are provided with two options; You can register as a “member” subject to a monthly fee of Kes. 2,000 alternatively you can opt for “Pay as you Ride” where Nyota Ride will bill/charge you for every trip undertaken to a tune of 40bob per each trip you make using the platform.

Requirements for becoming a Nyota Ride driver

Fortunately, getting admitted as a Nyota Ride driver is easy. You need to have the following;

  1. A valid drivers licence
  2. At least one-year driving experience
  3. A car in excellent working and physical condition
  4. Must consent to and pass a background check

Once you are accepted as a driver, customers will easily find you and the more rides you give, the more profit you’ll make and the better your rating will be.

How to get started

Follow these steps to sign up as a Nyota Ride driver:

  • You need to install Nyota Ride App available in Google Play and Apple store. Click to download on Android or iOS.
  • Create a drivers profile/account indicating your names, ID No, Mobile No, E-Mail address, vehicle model, vehicle license, number plate and lastly what you intend to charge as fare.
  • Nyota Ride will then verify the information/data indicated in the app and contact you to schedule an appointment and inspection of your vehicle at their offices in Satellite Spaces, Elgon view.
  • After successful verification and approval of drivers documents and vehicle, you will then be in a position to receive customer requests.

With Nyota Ride, you can make extra cash with your car driving around Eldoret. Alternatively, you can hire a driver to take rides instead parking your car the entire day.

Sign up to drive with Nyota Ride today.

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