Major Contributions of Kapseret sub-county in the build-up of Uasin Gishu City Status

Hon Oscar Sudi, three-time Member of Parliament of Kapsaret Constituency

Kapseret Sub-county’s huge potential has been spoken of, time and again.  From those local informal forums around Eldoret town to renowned leaders such as longtime businessman Bundotich Zedekiah. He even dared to go further and label the Kapseret sub-county “A sleeping giant.”

True to that, Kapseret seems to have realized its power and is slowly claiming it. And is it just me or it is slowly turning into Eldoret’s next new CBD? Undeniably, the  Eldoret International Airport alone, speaks volumes to these developments. After all, Kapseret started as a host to top hotels such as Boma Inn, and Eldoret Sports Club among others due to its proximity to the airport, providing convenience to travelers.

For context, Kapseret sub-county is one of the six sub-counties in Uasin Gishu County. Covering 300.8 km squared, Kapseret is located south from Eldoret town, partly further along Eldoret-Kisumu Road. It is divided into 5 subcounties namely Kipkenyo, Langas, Kapseret, Ngeria and Megun.

The sub-county is notably contributing in building Uasin Gishu, evident from the following frontiers;

Hospitality in Kapseret

It goes without say that Pioneer, Langas and Kapseret area is the go to hospitality destination. From full on five star experience like Starbucks Hotel, Ndupawa, Boma Inn; to state of the art casual formal, all inclusive experience  such as the Origin Coffee house, Kettle house and further into chill-vibe open space-outdoor experience like Villagio auto-grill and spa.  Kapseret can rightful boast of a wholesome experience.


Entertainment then has been sought as a complementary amenity and to say the least, it is single-handedly Eldoret’s go-to entertainment spot. Despite all this, it doesn’t seem like it’s stopping anytime soon. It helps that the World Bank found Eldoret to be the most favorable investment destination in Kenya. So does the momentum that the town has gathered toward pursuing the ‘City’ status. It’s increasing population together with growth of the middle class has been a receptive market to the venture. Take  a casing point, Tamasha Autospa and grill.

Real Estate

As would be expected, incoming middle-income investors have done their due diligence in identifying potential market, and yet again Kapseret is buzzing with real estate developments. The temporary structured houses that dotted the area surrounding the Kapseret trading center have been replaced by well-organized high-rise residential buildings and equally desirable single units. One such development is the Teleview modern Apartments; a modern luxury experience. Let’s not talk about the prestige that comes with living in the area at the moment. The scramble for land and property investments in the area has significantly increased its value.

 Real estate has done quite well, and some of the developers are now eyeing commercial set-ups to supplement the residentials. One such project is the recently opened Elgon view mall. Some of the amenities like supermarkets are on high demand. Very soon we’ll be talking of the area as a business hub as well.

Future of Kapseret

However, besides the need for further improvement of its infrastructure; proper planning is of equal importance. The sub-county already plays host to several industries such as Rivatex East Africa Limited as well as public entities such as ELDOWAS. With the town eying city status, the airport is one of the sectors expected to benefit from the upgrade.

As Cyprian Chesire, the Uasin Gishu County planner highlighted before; the expansion of the airport runway by 500 meters is one such expectation. It will enable it to accommodate all kinds of planes; therefore Eldoret might just be able to operate International flights.

“Eldoret being an agriculturally rich land we can rip from exports.  Also, as the gateway to the rest of East Africa, will encourage offloading of East Africa bound goods in Eldoret which will encourage more businesses as well as a market.”

And as a host to the Airport, and therefore all this, by extension; the support services to be offered around the Airport would surely ignite a lot of activity. Undeniably, Kapseret and especially Langas and Kipkenyo wards are evidence of the town’s rapid development, and the County in general, therefore putting Uasin Gishu on the map. 

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