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Maiden Edition: #WCW with Cecilia Kibeh.

WCW Cess Kibe. Close Up

WCW Cess Kibe. Close Up

Eldoret Leo has launched a new segment dubbed # MCM/WCW where you’ll get to find out more about Eldoret Celebrities. Every Monday and Wednesday we will be unveiling a notable individual from Eldoret, who is not only making a difference in their lives but to the lives of people in Eldoret and/or beyond.

On this week’s Edition of #WCW we have our very own Cecelia Kibeh. She is a multiple award-winning model, an entrepreneur and a student. You may know her as Cess. She has been a household name in Eldorets’ modelling industry. Awards won range from being crowned Miss Poly 2010, Miss Nature 2011 to the reining MCheza Ambassador. Aside from owning the runway, she is also the sole owner of Cesar Modeling Agency, which has been making big moves in Eldoret’s Fashion Scene. She just revealed that she is retiring as a model to focus more on managing her venture and completing her studies. I sought to find out more about her…

Cess Kibe Seated; Studio


BH: Tell me a little about yourself
CESS: I’m a down to earth girl, who loves God, and a hard worker. I believe character is more important than beauty. Business wise, I own a modelling agency known as Cesar, which mainly majors in ushering corporate events, marketing, managing models and nurturing upcoming models.

BH: You are now retired but still in the modelling industry as a manager, what intrigued and still drives you in this business?

CESS; Beauty has always intrigued me, and right now supporting young girls in this industry is what really drives me to work.

Cesar Models at an MCheza Event

Cesar Models at an MCheza Event

BH: Not a good segue but, what is the one thing that most people don’t know about you?

CESS: In the modelling world people tend to judge you based on your appearance, most people see me and think I have an attitude. There is also a misconception of people thinking that beautiful girls are dumb, and modelling industry is for loose girls. Which is not the case, I have character; I’m smart and a model (retired). That’s a good model, pun intended.

Cesar Models promoting Chrome at a Sauti Sol event

Cesar Models promoting Chrome at a Sauti Sol event

BH: What’s your guilty pleasure?

CESS: OMG; yes I have a weakness for shopping, that’s why I’m working hard in life so that I can shop in Paris one day. L.O.L

BH: People would love to know what your relationship status is at the moment. Taken?

CESS: L.O.L Information withheld…

BH: What are your parting shots?

CESS: Women should focus on empowering each other instead of bringing each other down, and putting God first in everything they do.

Contact Cesar modeling Agency on Cesarfashionsmd@gmail.com


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