Where To live In Eldoret Depending On Your Income

Eldoret’s thriving economy is a major attraction to people from across the country. If you’re looking to work and live in Eldoret find out which estates are ideal for you.

Different people look at different things when house hunting. Cost is more often than not a major determining factor especially for those who live in Eldoret. The city of champions plays host to people from all walks of life. All of whom dream of living in a porch neighborhood no doubt.

However, learning to live within your means is one of the best ways of making your money work for you. In order to do so, several financial factors have to come into play when deciding on which neighborhood you want to settle in.  These are obviously:

Below we look at which neighborhoods in Eldoret are suitable for you depending on your income.

Where The Affluent Live in Eldoret

Rent Budget – KES 50,000 – KES 200,000

If your budgetary constraints are far from limiting, consider living in Kenmosa, Elgon View, Outspan or Eastern Avenue. These four neighborhoods feature high-end real estate developments. 2 bedroomed houses cost between KES 50,000 to 60,000 a month. 4 or 5 bedroomed houses within these localities go for as high as KES 200,000.

Living in such neighborhoods might be pricey but there are benefits that come with the territory. These include but are not limited to developed infrastructure and a constant supply of water and electricity. These neighborhoods are close to the CBD and have heightened security. They also offer access to important amenities and serene environs.

Neighborhoods For The Middle Class

Rent Budget – KES 15,000 – Kes 25,000

Kapsoya, Pioneer, West Indies, Kimumu, Action, and Peris are ideal for those in the middle class. 2 bedroomed houses cost between KES 15,000 and KES 25,000 in such neighborhoods.

Most of these places with the exception of West Indies have a reliable public transport system. They also have water, electricity, schools, hospitals, tarmacked roads, shopping centers, and offer easy access to the CBD.

Neighborhoods Suited For Low-Income Individuals

Rent Budget – KES 3,500 – KES 8,000

If you have an extremely limited budget, living in Mwanzo, Tairi Mbili, Huruma, Maili Nne, Langas, and Munyaka, will prove to be a savvy financial decision. Rent in these neighborhoods cost between KES 3500 to KES 8000.

The only drawback is that some estates within these neighborhoods have drainage and pollution issues. Security can be an issue in certain areas as well. Nevertheless, these neighborhoods outdo some porch ones as they are completely self-reliant. There are plenty of retail shops, entertainments spots, service kiosks, and mobile money management service providers. This means residents don’t really have to go all the way to the CBD for supplies unless they wish to.

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Bottom line

Calculating transport costs, as well as the affordability of both the house and basic needs,  will prove very useful when it comes to deciding where to live in Eldoret. Living in an area that is accommodative of your income is a great way of avoiding strain. Not to mention estranged relationships with landlords and stress. It can also help redirect your hard earned money into something more useful that will grow your wealth.

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