Leta Food Redefining Food Delivery Services In Eldoret

Leta food eldoret

Leta Food Delivery App has an easy-to-use user interface

Technology, they say, is a gift that keeps giving and aren’t we grateful! Living in Eldoret has never been better. First, it was the taxi-hailing apps making the life of E-town residents convenient and affordable. Now enters Leta Food, an online food delivery application you can use to order food from anywhere within Eldoret and have it delivered to your doorstep. It was first launched on 24th April and has since gone on to revolutionize food delivery services in Eldoret. Talk of timely deliveries and amazing food at very affordable rates.

Benefits Of Leta Food

Leta Food brings a lot to the table, (no pun intended). It gives you access to a wide variety of food. This is because you get to choose from very versatile menus offered by the different restaurants in Eldoret they’ve partnered with. Through this, you can try new things. While at it, you can also break the monotony that is part and parcel of our African meal plan; ugali, rice, meat and occasionally spaghetti. Secondly, the app helps to save on the time it would have taken you to prepare and cook food. This is extremely important for those with busy schedules. The app is also very convenient as you can attend to other needs or simply relax as you wait for your food.

Jumia Versus Leta

Jumia food has been the go-to food delivery app in Eldoret for a while now. It, however, has nothing on the new food delivery app in town. Unlike Jumia food whose delivery services cover a certain circumference, Leta Food delivers food everywhere within Eldoret Town and its environs. I made an order yesterday just to see how legit the app was and how it compared to Jumia Food. Unlike before where I have to go to town for my KFC, the food was brought to my gate, all the way in Junction. Leta food also happens to be cheaper. Delivery costs Ksh 70-100 compared to Ksh 150 on Jumia Food. It has zero packaging and container fees as well.

Thirdly, you can schedule your delivery on Leta Food. With Jumia, you have to move your schedule around so you are at the pickup point within the 30 or so minutes. On Leta, if you are not in a hurry, you can simply schedule your delivery for even the next day.

Lastly, unlike Jumia Food with its high-end vendors, Leta Food has both pricey and affordable vendors. Matter of fact, you even have githeri among your options going for only Ksh 70.

While some may be skeptical about online food delivery services, especially where you have to pay first, Leta Food is legit. You get your food yummy and still hot, at an affordable price and within the specified time. The customer service is a treat especially if you get Martin on the phone?. This app is without a doubt making life a lot more convenient and these are beautiful times to live in Eldoret. Download it on playstore now and start ordering.

Written by Stephanie Maiyo

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